2020 Is Over, What To Expect In 2021?

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  • 10th Mar, 2021

So 2021 has started: 2020 was an unpredictable year and the year hit us hard with lots of problems. The major problem that ruined the whole of 2020 was the outbreak of COVID-19."Want to know about COVID-19 effect then you can see read here". It was first identified in December of 2019 in Wuhan in China but in January of 2020. They declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Later in March, it declared a pandemic after hundreds of thousands of people were dying, millions got affected by the virus. Besides the virus, other major events were very unfortunate.

Although problems occur all the time, there were many in the year 2020. There were some disputes between Iran and the United which almost led to a world war. The Australian bushfires that started in June of 2019 went on until March 4 of 2020. It resulted in the loss of a lot of natural habitats, flora, fauna, some humans as well as their property. We also lost some of the great people of this world from the sports, the acting industry. Other people like Kobe Bryant, Diego Maradona, Eddie Van Halen, Chadwick Boseman, Kirk Douglas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and John Lewis.

About George Floyd

The killing of George Floyd had been a big issue in the whole world and mostly in the United States of America. They arrested a black man in Minneapolis for allegedly passing. I choked a counterfeit $20 bill to death as an officer kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 15 seconds. Because of that event, many mass movements and rallies began in the USA. George Floyd's case was only one example. There were numerous such cases of discrimination and the death of innocent black people.

The climate disruptions have continued. Because of the six percent of the whole country of Australia in a fire. Nearly 3 million animals killed with a mass amount of natural habitat and resources destroyed. It also hit some parts of the USA with record-breaking wildfires. Numerous destructive tropical storms occurred in parts of the United States, Central America, and Southeast Asia. Because of the coronavirus, the economy of the whole world was falling. And was holding onto a thin string that could break anytime. Since all international flights canceled, and they imposed the lockdown, there was no business running.

Besides all these some of the other major events were the impeachment of US President Donald Trump. Protests in Belarus for fair and free elections. Oil prices tanked up, and Joe Biden winning the presidency against Donald Trump.
Some years ago in 2016 people said that it was one of the worst years ever but the year 2020. To find a year filled with as much turmoil as the year 2020 we would have to go back to 1968.

What to expect in 2021?

Although 2020 had been an uncertain year full of turmoil leading to all those uncertain. Unfortunate events coming into 2021 things have started getting better. All the problems and situations that we faced in the year 2020 have taught us many things. Made us prepared for the worst situations. After the outbreak of the coronavirus, scientists were in a race to produce a vaccine for the virus which would be safe and effective. There were as many as 74 vaccines in clinical trials in humans and among them. 4 of them have already made it to the final phase to be vaccinated to everyone as the cure in early 2021.

The economy was plummeting ever since the pandemic started and now in 2021. It is starting to get back to normal. Rather than just getting normal all the problems have given businesses and people new ideas and new inventions. Education systems have affected because of it too. What was uncommon before now is normal, as teachers can teach their students remotely. Many things are possible because of the access to the internet, computers, and the advanced technology in our hands.

Fact for 2021

2021 will be the year that is going to make all the wrongs right. One thing that people took for granted is now the thing that has sustained us throughout all these uncertain times; Digital technology. It was all our digital technology sources. Like our mobile phones, computers, and televisions that made us all aware and kept us connected. Although we were disconnected from the world physically, we are all connected by digital technology.
Businesses and people have taken the year 2020 as a challenge and they have completed that challenge. So now in 2021 and onwards they know how to deal even in the worst situations. Now people have understood the essence of their close ones and the little things they took for granted. 2021 is the year to bounce back for everyone.