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A Jungle Safari to Chitwan National Park

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  • 06th Oct, 2020
elephant safari

Chitwan Jungle Safari offers you the wilderness of a rich ecosystem. It includes observation of mammals, birds, reptiles, and water animals of numerous kinds. The safari of Chitwan National Park can be done on elephant back, jungle walk, canoe ride, jeep drive, bathing and swimming with elephants, and many more. The National Park is famous for more than 500 Asian one-horned rhinos. The famous place is the habitat of some one hundred nocturnal Royal Bengal Tigers that live in the dense

One can discover the dense forest and twisting vines. Various exotic wild animals such as elephants, crocodiles, pythons, and deer brilliantly make your day. Other animals like the rhesus monkey, grey langur, and leopards can also be seen if you are fortunate. The colorful Tharu Culture also adds more colors to your visit to the park. Their way of living, culture, tradition, and Tharu dance attracts you to the beauty of this place. This shows you the rich culture of this community. 4-5 hours of jungle safari would provide you a great experience. You can explore nature, see the beauty of wild animals and gain knowledge on their importance in the ecosystem.

Best Time To Visit National Park

Visitors suggest that March is the best time to visit this Park. The length of the grass is less during this month which makes the animals visible easily. Jeep Safari and animal Safari are more commonly popular. Photography is not allowed at the checkpoint. However, you can click the photos of beautiful scenes while you are riding. There are some villages which make you feel the presence of humans as well. The rivers and watersheds offer you a cool and calm environment. If you are visiting the park for the first time, it’s better to take binoculars. However, the weather of the place is usually hot. So, you need to hydrate yourself with plenty of water.

Some Tips

Visitors can get snacks and water at the entry. You should take them so that you enjoy your trip with your family and friends. You are strictly prohibited to throw garbage everywhere. The concerned authority has taken the responsibility of hygiene inside the park. Therefore, there are penalties for such behaviors. Bins are available at certain locations. So, visitors are suggested to throw garbage there. The place is not just the habitat of rare animals but is also the one for flora and fauna.

Chitwan is the Terai region. Therefore, some rare plants like Oak, Katus, Uttis, etc. provided you the experience of a heavenly environment. The Chitwan National Park is one of the major tourist destinations for internal as well as external tourists. The tourism prevalent at this place provides employment opportunities to Nepalese. This could be a great source of income for the nation. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect the beauty of the place to support the country's socio-cultural and economic development. The government must further think of the development of this place through easy transportation, proper lodging, and feeding. 

Are you even thinking of exploring the beauty of Chitwan National Park? Do visit this beautiful place through jungle safari. This is a great way of gaining knowledge and providing your mind peace.

Jungle Excursion Chitwan, Cost, Itinerary

Chitwan National ParkNEPALI
NRs. 150 per person per day
SAARC National
NRs. 1000 per person per day
NRs. 2000 per person per day

Elephant Safari inside Chitwan National Park Cost
Elephant Safari Inside Chitwan National Park: US $ 35 per person
Maximum: 4 people in one elephant
Duration: 1.5 Hours

Elephant Safari in Community Forest Cost
US $ 30 per person on sharing Basis + National Park Permit which is mandatory
Maximum: 4 people in one elephant
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Reserved ( solo) Elephant Ride US $ 100 for 1.5 hours journey.

Jeep Safari inside Chitwan National Park
Full-Day Reserved Jeep Safari US $ 210  + National Park Permit which is mandatory
Half-day reserve Jeep Safari 4 HRS = US $ 180 + National Park Permit which is mandatory
Jeep Safari on a sharing basis = US $ 25  per person + National Park Permit which is mandatory

Jungle Walk inside Chitwan National Park Cost
US $ 40 per person  + National Park Permit of Rs 2000 which is mandatory
Duration: Whole Day Excursion with Naturalist
Minimum: 2 people required