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What is it like to Use Apple Vision Pro in a Plane?


Apple Vision Pro is a new way to see the real world.

On February 2, 2024, Apple launched its Apple Vision Pro. It is a device that can give the user an Immersive approach to the virtual world. This has changed how people live; Vision Pro does not separate users from the real world unless they want it. It is like a new spectacle with 12 cameras and 5 sensors integrated, making Augmented Reality more realistic.

 Apple’s’ Vision Pro has given its users a new eye to see the world, where they can access things they previously would have used with a mobile phone or laptop. It has many use cases and has the potential to revolutionize many sectors. The ability to see the outer world with the headset allows users to use it everywhere, whether in the comfort of their home or outdoors. One such place where it shines is during flights in an  Aeroplane.

How will Apple Vision Pro transform Airplane Travelling?

Whether it be a long flight or a flight delay at the Airport, the Vision Pro keeps people entertained. This is coming from most of the flight travelers who used the headset. ”I will never travel without the vision pro.” Travelers who travel frequently and for longer hours have loved this product. It has enhanced users’ flight experience by providing everything a user wants. 

Go to immersive content consumption.

The Apple Vision Pro helps people counter the problems they previously had; it has replaced the smaller airplane screens with 4k screens, which can be scaled as needed. It has access to Apple TV, where users can find their favorite content. The user can also read books without having to use the reading lamp.


The Apple Vision Pro secures its user’s privacy, as no one except the user can access their data. A guest mode can be activated if a user wants to give their Vision Pro to friends or family. The vision pro takes guests’ hand and eye setup, which reverts to the original user’s once the session is completed.

How will the Apple Vision Pro improve travelers’ privacy in airplanes?

It ensures privacy in a plane as only the user has access to the content inside the headset. It has a high-resolution screen available wherever you want and in any size. Users can entertain by watching their favorite content or work without caring about disturbing others. Also, while the cabin crew asks to remove other electronic devices during takeoff or landing, they haven’t asked the users to put away their headsets, ”According to the users who used them.”. 

It helps the user to ease stress/meditate. 

The option is to get out of reality and enter into virtual reality. A user can change the settings of his surroundings using the headset. The user can choose the setting, make it a peaceful lakeside (any setting they want), and relax their minds. They can meditate by playing binaural beats; many users who tried it have stated, “Yes, it is possible.” So, can people travelling for a stressful time opt-in to get Apple’s Vision Pro?

It has replaced the need for study lamps.

The feature through which a user can access 100’s’ 1000’s’ books in Apple’s library. This has changed how people who love to read books as there is no need for a study/reading lamp. With the help of the headset, users can lie on their backs and read the book on the airplane’s ceiling. It ensures an uninterrupted reading session that readers will welcome.

Work-oriented users can work without distractions.

We can do most of the Vision Pro tasks, including work from wherever you are. It can be an airplane cabin, too. A user used the Vision Pro to edit video through the Vision Pro in an airplane, proving that the Vision Pro is capable of handling work tasks too in an aircraft.

Drawbacks of Apple Vision Pro

While having all these impressive qualities, users have some complaints regarding the Apple Vision Pro.

It is still a little heavy.

The users have raised their concerns regarding the Vision Pro’s’ weight. While used for prolonged periods, the users feel its heaviness unless they lie down. Also, the tightness of the headset makes it difficult as it puts too much pressure on the user’s face. So, their appeal to the company is to make it lighter.

Quite expensive

Having all these qualities is good, but the price point, which is 3499$, is expensive. The public demands to make the Apple Vision Pro affordable as not many people who want the headset can pay this heavy amount.

Fashion and the Fear of Judgment

Yes, the technology can be groundbreaking, but will everyone be comfortable wearing big, weird goggles that attract others’ attention? We think, No. Most people would be intimidated by what others think of them and not want to use it. 

In summary

Thus, It is a remarkable leap of technology that interconnects two realities and allows us to use it wherever we want. The advantages it provides to a user who travels on a plane are remarkable. Travelers who use it have especially expressed gratitude for Vision Pro’s good things. The users have also raised concerns about weight, fashion, and expenses, which Apple should work on to improve the Apple Vision Pro.
In this blog, we talked about what it is like to use Apple Vision Pro on a plane. We hope you found this helpful. If you want further insights, check out our other blogs. You can also explore Apple Vision Pro on Apple. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

FAQs Regarding the Use of Apple Vision Pro in Aeroplane

Can you use Apple Vision Pro in a flight?

Yes, you can use the Apple Vision Pro in a plane. You can activate the Travel mode to stabilize your content for a smooth experience.

Can you watch movies and TV shows on Apple Vision Pro during a flight?

Yes, you can. Vision Pro provides access to Apple TV, where you can watch TV shows, movies, or other content on an adjustable virtual 4k screen.

Is it possible to work or be productive in-flight using Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, it is possible. Users can edit videos, work on a document, or complete other productive tasks with the airplane headset, just like using a laptop or phone with better privacy.

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