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Awesome 10 must-have apps for Engineering students


Engineering is a very broad as well as a tough field. You have to do numerous assignments, projects, and tutorials that might be pretty hectic. But, fortunately, technology, especially smartphones has made it far better and easier to help you meet your goals and tasks.

There are tons of technologies you can use to make your journey as an engineering student easier. However, among many, engineering apps are some of the easier to get and more versatile.

Best Apps for engineering Students

You can learn basic concepts, use these apps for programming, or simply use engineering apps as a guide. The best part about this is that regardless of which field of engineering you are in, be it Software engineering, electrical engineering, or civil engineering, there is an app for you!

Here’s a list of some most popular applications that Engineering students of every discipline should have.

1. Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner is one of the most useful engineering apps regardless of which field of engineering you are in. The core function of this app is to let you convert the photos into various formats such as pdf, word files. This is an extremely handy app since you can simply scan the document and get a softcopy in any format you want.

It has over 350 million downloads from over 200 countries at the time of this writing. This engineering app was also enlisted as one of the best 50 apps on the market in 2013. The Cam Scanner app has tools and filters that allow you to edit the file the way you like. Along with this, it also has built-in functionality that lets you store and sync documents across various platforms.

The amazing part is it’s free of cost and available on both iOS and Android systems. Needless to say, this is one of the best apps for engineers for any student.

2. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

apps for engineering students-realcalc scientific calculator
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Forgot to bring your calculator? It is designed to perform complex calculations such as unit conversion, octal & hexadecimal conversion, log, and binary calculations, and many more.

This application comes up with a 12-digit display helping you to perform trigonometric functions, radians, or grads. Moreover, it also includes history and memory functions that you can view later. Since you will need to calculate and crunch numbers regardless of your engineering field be it software engineering, mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering, RealCalc Scientific Calculator is a huge help for you and is undoubtedly one of the best apps for engineering students.

3. Engineering Unit Converter

It is another very useful application for every Engineering student allowing you to convert between different units readily. You can choose among the numerous topics and include numerous conversions such as length, energy, entropy, electrical charge, and many more.

Moreover, once downloaded and opened, it doesn’t even require an internet connection to work. If any units are missing, the developers encourage you to send them feedback and recommendations to include them in future updates.

4. Google Drive

apps for engineering students - google drive

Google Drive is a cloud platform that provides you with 15GB of free space. You can access all your documents, files, data sheets, and proposals from wherever you want with just an internet connection.

This popular app allows you to share virtually anything including movies, pictures, and videos.

5. Microsoft office lens

Microsoft office lens is a scanning application that helps you to digitize physical documents through your phone’s camera. This application allows you to take pictures of your physical documents, let you crop them, apply filters, adjust brightness or edit it the way you want, and store it on your device as a scanned file. You can then convert the files into PDF, JPG, or any other format.

This application is available both in the App Store and Play store and you can download and use it for free.

6. Wolfram Alpha

This application is often considered Wikipedia for Engineering students. It is designed in such a way that regardless of the user’s field, it provides you with answers to every relevant question.

It scans its databases and returns answers if any relevant entries it finds. But, it is not a free app. It costs you less than $5 to use this application and you will get value for your money.

Moreover, but it contains a wide range of fields that might be helpful to every other professional besides engineering.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an awesome platform to get numerous opportunities for every professional. It helps you to get a good job as well as internship opportunities and get started on your engineering career. The application also contributes to building good networks all around the globe. You can get to know new people in your respective field. Although it will take some time to gain professional success in an engineering career, with enough time and effort, it can be done.

This popular engineering app also helps you to gain better knowledge of the current market demand, trends, inventions, and more.

8. Udemy

apps for engineering students - Udemy

This app provides you with valuable courses on a wide range of topics.

Udemy teaches you with some video lessons, and tutorials and takes your test for checking the knowledge you’ve gained, and even provides you with certifications.

Most of the courses on Udemy are paid ones. However, it can be a little bit expensive. The good news is that this application provides users with some amazing offers more often and even the free ones.

9. Chegg Study

The concept of e-learning is broadly used these days. People are attracted to the trend of learning digitally. Chegg Study provides you the platform to communicate with your colleagues through text for a unique and detailed user experience, lets you rent your digital and physical files as well as provides various resources for tutors and students to interact with each other.

It is designed for both iOS and Android, Chegg Study app is something that every Engineering Student should have.

10. Programming Hub

Programming Hub is a very useful software engineering app for Computer Science and IT Engineering students. It is one of the best platforms to learn more than 15 programming languages such as Python, Java, HTML, CSS, vb .net, C, C ++, C#, JavaScript, PHP, and many more.

Programming Hub helps to learn any programming language in a faster and more effective way by referring to readymade programs and lessons created by programming experts. It also provides you with numerous examples and tasks to practice and solve by yourself.


As we said earlier, engineering is a hard field that needs tough determination, perseverance, and good computing capacities. However, taking a bit of additional help from engineering apps is well worth the effort. You can make a lot of concepts a lot easier and gain access to lots of helpful information from the apps for engineers.

That said, the apps for engineering students that we mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg, Many universities have their apps for engineering students as well.

We hope this was helpful for you. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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