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Are there even cartoons for adults? How are they different from cartoons for kids or teens? Yes, there are and the primary difference between cartoons for kids and teens vs cartoons for adults is the subject covered and the use of language. For instance, Simpson is among the best adult cartoons and just about everybody has heard of it. What is the difference between this cartoon and other kids’ cartoons?

Well for once, Simpson covers topics that are not suitable for kids such as drug addiction, political unrest, nuclear cold, and mutation caused by environmental degradation.

Similarly, some cartoons for adults may contain sexual scenes or snuff and gore scenes that can potentially scar any kid. At the same time, adult cartoons like Family Guy and Americal Dad take the ongoing context and build dark humor and sarcasm around them. This again will go right over the heads of most kids.

What are the top adult cartoons to watch?

As we mentioned earlier, it is hard to objectively say that “this is the best adult cartoon”. However, there are a few top adult cartoons that people generally agree are among the best. Some of these popular adult cartoons are more well-known than others.

But what are they? Well, let’s get started! Below we have listed good adult cartoons you can watch:

1) The Simpsons

cartoons for adults

Source: Channel 4

  • Start Date: 1989
  • End Date: Ongoing
  • Total Episode: 773

No one doubts that the Simpson is one of the best adult cartoons out there. This show that started back in 1989 is still airing and is currently on its thirty-fourth Season. Yes, it is still ongoing and is widely recognized for its unique art style and Satire. This adult cartoon has covered just about every topic from American politics, and global crisis, to even conspiracy theories and urban legends. The best part about this show is that every character we see reminds us about someone we know or some phase of life.

2) Family Guy

  • Start Date: Jan 1, 1999
  • End Date: Ongoing
  • Total Episode: 394

Similar to The Simpsons, Family Guy is another one of the best adult animation series that are unique on their own. The context of this show is not that different from the Simpsons as this show is a satire. But while the Simpsons cover the dark side of life, Family Guy is more about pop culture. However, it has covered darker topics as well. Besides the context, another thing that makes family guy one of the best adult cartoons is its ridiculous cast. Who can forget the Big brained baby Stewie and talking dog Brian?

3) South Park

  • Start Date: August 12, 1997
  • End Date: Ongoing
  • Total Episode: 317

The Simpsons had normal humor, the family guy had extreme satire and now it’s time for Dark humor on HBO Max. South Park is a famous and one of the best adult cartoons that follow four boys – Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny as they go around their town through some ridiculous adventures. This show is both famous and infamous for its strong profanity and dark humor. 

And although this adult animation series is indeed flash animation-like, you should be prepared for some gore since before season six, Kenny dies in almost every episode, often in a gruesome way. This show covers a wide range of topics as well similar to the previous two, just in a bit darker tone and open profanity.

4) Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman

Source: IMDB

  • Start Date: August 22, 2014
  • End Date: January 31, 2020
  • Total Episode: 77

This show is set in a world where humans and humanoid animals live together and as the name suggests, the main protagonist is a horseman. BoJack Horseman is all about the dark side of Hollywood and the problems behind the scenes. From this, you may already have guessed some of the themes that include depression, substance abuse, alienation, and more. In short, this show is essentially a slap in the face of the happy facade that we see on the screen. Another primary theme of this show is “there may not be happy ever after”. No wonder this is one of the best adult animations out there.

5) Rick and Morty

  • Start Date: December 2, 2013
  • End Date: Ongoing
  • Total Episode: 57

Do you want an adult cartoon with philosophy, a bit of drama, and ridiculous adventures? Rick and Morty is the best adult cartoon for you. This show follows Morty, a kid with a learning disability, and Morty, a Mad scientist that is self-righteous as they go through interdimensional adventures and question the concept of life, self, existence, morality, and other such stuff. In this show, there are no perfect characters, no heroes, and no villains. There are just broken characters trying to find the meaning of existence. Be warned that as you go through this show, you will question life and reality.

6) Beavis and Butt-head

  • Start Date: March 8, 1993
  • End Date: November 28, 1997
  • Total Episode: 252

Okay, this is an extremely old cartoon. But just because it is old, doesn’t mean that it is bad. Beavis and butt-head is still one of the best adult animation series to date. Unlike the ones so far, this cartoon does not cover any deep topics. It is just a show that follows two dumb teenage delinquents that get excited as long as something related to sex, violence, destruction, and heavy metal comes into context. This show is rated for adults simply because of the type of content. If you want a random show and a bit violent, then this is the adult cartoon for you.

7) Happy Tree Friends

cartoons for adults

Source: Internet Archive

  • Start Date: December 24, 1999
  • End Date: December 22, 2016
  • Total Episode: 93

Looks can be deceiving and it cannot be more true with Happy Tree Friends. This show looks colorful and fun, after all the characters are cute, they sound cute and the show even has “Happy” in its name, what could go wrong? Well, nearly everything. The main premise of this show is “things dying because something ridiculous happened to them”. That is it- there is no theme and no lesson. This is a show where characters die gruesomely and ridiculously because something random thing kills them or they put themselves into a deadly situation where they die. The deaths are gory and it is not for the faint of heart. But if you have a twisted sense of humor (listen man we ain’t judging) then this is the best adult cartoon for you!

8) Metalocalypse

  • Start Date: August 06, 2006
  • End Date: October 27, 2013
  • Total Episode: 63

Metalocalypse is what you get if you add a bit more theme into Beavis and Butt-head. This adult cartoon is all about violent-filled horror dumb adventures surrounding a death metal band. Some episodes have themes and as the show progresses, the mythology does become a bit dense as the members of the metal band are placed in some ancient prophecy. However, the overall show is just a satire of the Death Metal community. Now although this show is a satire, it has some of the best Death Metal songs out there, so much so that all of the music in the show has been published as an album. If you are a metalhead with a sense of dark humor, then this is one of the best adult animation series out there.

9) Daria

  • Start Date: March 3, 1997
  • End Date: January 21, 2002
  • Total Episode: 65

The last entry was about the metal heads, this adult cartoon is all about the emo and edgelords. Daria is all about cynicism, sarcasm, and being fine at being the outcast. The show follows Daria Morgendorffer who is followed by jocks and cheerleaders and as she progresses through her life, she ridicules the superficial aspect of the pop culture and education system. “It’s okay to be cynical” is the theme of the show – which is dang emo and edgy. If you have not guessed, Daria is one of the best if not the best top adult animation series for all the edge lords out there.

10) Animals

cartoons for adults

Source: IMDB

  • Start Date: Feburary 5 2016
  • End Date: October 5, 2018
  • Total Episode: 30

Have you ever thought about what animals think about humans? Well, Animals is the adult cartoon for you on HBO Max. The show follows the days of a few animals from New York and a few humans and how Pathetic humans look in the eyes of these animals. The animals themselves are not all that different. This show subtly covers the obscure topic of sonder – a feeling that other creatures have their own full-fledged life while we are nothing more than just passing background characters to them.

Honorable Mentions of Some Other Good Adult Cartoons

Besides the ones mentioned, there are other good adult cartoons as well. As such some of the honorable mentions are:

1) American Dad

  • Start Date: Feburary 6 2005
  • End Date: Ongoing
  • Total Episode: 326

2) F is for Family

  • Start Date: December 18, 2015
  • End Date: November 25, 2021
  • Total Episode: 44

3) Futurama

Source: IMDB

  • Start Date: March 28, 1999
  • End Date: August 10, 2013
  • Total Episode: 140

4) King of the Hill

  • Start Date: January 12, 1997
  • End Date: May 5, 2010
  • Total Episode: 259

5) Aqua Teen Hunger

  • Start Date: December 30, 2000
  • End Date: August 30, 2015
  • Total Episode: 139

6) Bobs Burgers

  • Start Date: January 9, 2011
  • End Date: Ongoing
  • Total Episode: 226

In the end

As you may have seen, cartoons are not just meant for kids and teens, there are ones for adults as well. From the list here, you may now also know how cartoons can be meant for adults. If you are still confused, the general gist is that if a cartoon talks about violence, sex, slurs, politics, and musical bands and has deaths in them, they are meant for adults.

But do you know what is meant for adults? The best K-drama on Netflix. If you want a bit of diversity in your life or simply want to expand your taste in genres, they are a great addition to your watch list. Why don’t you check out our article on this very thing?

We hope you found this entertaining. And as always thank you for reading till the end.


Q: Can adults enjoy cartoons?

A: Yes, they can. Just about everybody can enjoy cartoons. But if there are specific types of cartoons that are meant for adults.

Q: Is the regular show for adults?

A: Although it is not exactly for adults, it is not for kids. It is meant for mid to late teens.

Q: What age group are Rick and Morty?

A: It’s meant for 18 and above because this show contains deep philosophy, tons of violence, substance abuse, and sexual content.

Q: Why watching cartoons is good for adults?
A: Adult cartoons present adult humor along with the satire of world events that are often too controversial or dark in easy to digest way. So to answer the question “is watching cartoon good for adults?”Watching cartoons can actually be healthy for adults so they are indeed good for adults. .

Q: Is it good for adults to watch cartoons?
A: Yes, watching cartoons for adults is a great way to relieve stress and take on world events lightly

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