Cartoons for kids | Top 7 Best Cartoons

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  • 17th Oct, 2020


It is always considered as a waste of time when children watch cartoon TV shows. Watching cartoons is not only for Entertainment. It is difficult to understand for parents that watching cartons could boost their learning and increase the IQ level. All kids love to watch cartoons and it is one of the biggest concerns of parents. 

Here we bring you the top 7 cartoon shows that your child must watch:

1. Dora and Friends: Into the City

This is a popular series which is an adopted theme. The theme revolves around problem-solving, community service as well as friendship. Dora and her friends are portrayed as hardworking and ideal real models. They urge to transform the home town into a better place. They do this by trying desperately in their small way. Kids relate to this cartoon better. This is because Dora is shown in her school-age years. Children love to connect her in their real life. 

IMDb: 3.8/10

2. Elena of Avalor


This story highlights the value of friends and family. The role model of this cartoon is Latina. She is depicted in the story as kind and feisty. Latina upholds the value of both friends and family. When kids observe Elena go off on her adventures, they conclude the value of honesty. They try to learn these values passively. Children also learn Latin culture through the dances and songs they see. 

IMDb: 6.4/10 

3. Arthur

This show is appropriate for kids above five years of age. The cartoon presents the sibling's arguments in a light way. This is considered a fun-filled and a charming cartoon. Arthur shows how social situations are tackled. The show imparts a lot of education when kids see navigating friendships. They also learn how to overcome fear. Arthur is the main character. He speaks about his anxieties openly and finds out creative ways to solve problems. 

IMDb: 5.7/10

4. Nutri Ventures

A Nutri venture is a popular animated story. This cartoon show emphasizes good nutrition and healthy eating habits. Children will understand the importance of good health and a love for good food. Kids can avoid fast food and junk food at a very early age. They will prefer more nutritious and healthy food over unhygienic foods. Health and nutrition awareness is very essential to grow in the most disciplined way. 

IMDb: 7.5/10

5. Sid the Science Kid

Kids of around 4 years of age find this show interesting and fascinating. The animated scenes are recommended to arouse curiosity and wonder in them. The curiosity changes to their love for science at a later age. The humor and music heighten the impact and make the child inquisitive. They will think even while making fun. It is said that the time spent watching this show is a win-win situation. 

IMDb: 5.4/10

6. Wood Girl

The animated show carters to strengthen different subjects. The Word Girl helps to boost the vocabulary of your child. In this show, the heroine can outsmart the villain by the power of her vocabulary. The series helps in widening the horizon of a child. They can even pronounce words correctly. This is helpful for your kid while they are learning English. Most of the parents like and allow their children to watch this show. 

IMDb: 3.3/10

7. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood


It is well known that children love to learn in a fun and gentle manner. Children need to know how to handle their emotions. This is an important life skill. They should face complex problems and deal with social strategies. This show teaches emotional life skills in a fun and joyful way. Children will learn to strengthen their bonds with family and friends. 

IMDb: 7.4/10

Are you also looking forward to your child’s overall development by the means of the cartoon? Do not forget to see the review of the above-mentioned cartoons through a trusted website. I am sure you will change your perspective of watching cartoons as a waste of time.