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Buzz Marketing & Types | Significance of Buzz Marketing

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  • 02nd May, 2021
Buzz Marketing

Could there be a way to get a lot of people involved in your brand? Well, yes just make it viral, how? Know about Buzz Marketing.

The answer is Buzz Marketing. Promotion of business using various skills, research, and experts so that most of the people get to know your products known as marketing.
Buzz marketing is growing and very involved in marketing techniques. It is all about creating some sort of hype or noise about your brand or business on the internet. This attracts many people towards your products. The more buzz or noise, the larger the brand gets as many people to show interest in your brand.

We are not talking about small communities. We are talking about massive or global like getting on the trending videos of YouTube or trending topic of Twitter. The more the hashtags, the more viral you or your brand get.
Being viral always doesn’t get you profits. Sometimes you can get viral for all the bad reasons which will demote your business. So you should be very careful about the strategies you use to get your product viral. If negative buzz circulates about your business then Buzz Marketing becomes poison for your brand. It might take years to overcome that bad impact or your brand could just be dead for good.

Now let’s dig deeper about Buzz Marketing.

What is Buzz Marketing?

Buzz Marketing is all about strategy on how to thrive on social media. Buzz marketing also involves some sort of word-of-mouth marketing. The main focus involves how to make your product more popular around the globe.
Most of the bigger companies invest a lot of money on ads for marketing but not all small brands can afford that. Buzz marketing focuses on getting popularity on social media – for an as low price as possible.

3 crucial strategies on Buzz Marketing are:
  1. Creating a positive buzz around a brand or product and dismantling negative buzz.
  2. Targeting Global audiences and keeping them interested in your brand.
  3. Free publicity on brands. We focus on investing as low as possible.

What are the types of Buzz Marketing?

Creating excitement and curiosity among a massive population is the core idea of buzz marketing. All successful businesses use this idea to target larger audiences at the global level. The digital marketing campaign, social media campaign, hashtags campaign, etc. are some of the ways to thrive in your business.
Buzz's Marketing strategy should be used as an inexpensive way to get as many people’s attention as possible.
Mark Hughes is the man behind the invention of the term Buzz Marketing. According to him, Buzz Marketing revolves around six major campaigns:


Going against a popular belief or doing things not accepted by religion or society. Taboo is one of the main triggering factors that get people's attention. So this can a marketing technique positively to boost your business.
If something happens in the society that goes against the culture or forbidden for a very long time, then every single one will notice it. So, we can also use this as a strategy in digital marketing, but for positive reasons so that people will find it intriguing. Any news on Controversial topics will attract more audiences so we have to use it as an opportunity.


So before we start to do marketing of our product we have to know what triggers peoples mind immediately. The unusual is another mind-triggering factor used for buzz marketing. People tend to notice unusual things happening around the world, so it would attract a global audience for sure.
We can take examples of some popular brands, like Apple, which released its phone with a very unusual camera design. So it became a hot topic for a long time and, ultimately, resulting in greater sales globally.
Sometimes people get bored with common and usual things that they see every day, so unusual things will intrigue them for sure.


Whenever something very special or extraordinary comes into the market, everyone gets its attention for sure. The remarkable is another triggering factor that increases people’s involvement. When a brand makes a remarkable product it will make customers happy and it will be in the news all over the globe.
Recently when Samsung released the Galaxy Fold smartphone then everyone was very excited and amazed because it was the first folding smartphone ever built. It got the buzz all over the internet.
If you can satisfy the customer with a new invention then buzz will be created, the business will bloom.


It is another important triggering factor. This type of marketing might be the most buzz-creating factor over the internet. But it is also a very complicated factor as it may also lead to a very bad impression on people’s minds.
It can be as much surprising as it can be shocking. It generates a lot of buzzes, that’s for sure, but the chances of taking this marketing strategy negatively are also very high, so your plans should be very clear.


If you make your customers or targeted audiences laugh then you get success in this marketing strategy. The hilarious type of Buzz Marketing solely relies on the audience’s laughter.
It is not about making one or two people laugh but targeting a global audience, so the job will be very hard.

Secret and Suspense

This strategy works best on movies, or TV shows when there is suspense involved. They left more audience curious and wanting more, causing more audience to appear.
Similarly, if brands make a secret release of the product or if they tease you with something and don’t reveal it until the release of the product, then audience involvement increased noticeably. Well-kept secrets are the best strategy.

How to generate Buzz Marketing?

Now let’s talk about how to get as many people to talk and gossip about your product.

Step 1: get to know your targeted audience

Before you go further with any marketing strategy, you have to know about your product and what type of audience are likely to get involved.
If the product is about dazzling new technology then obviously teenagers will be your targeted audience. Now you have to create the buzz accordingly.

The main task will be to convert the audience into buyers. Because you will not profit if the audience only knows about it or read about it. The main focus will be to get as many audiences to buy your product.
Your marketing strategy should be so intriguing that people are prone to buy your product after seeing your ads.

Step 2: tease your product beforehand

Teasers are a very important part of the movie. If the teaser is artistically created, it guarantees a larger audience for sure. It’s the same with any other product launch. If you can tease the audience skillfully, then you are on the right track to make your product famous.

Step 3: Create a hashtag of a brand for buzz

The use of hashtags has changed the whole scenario of marketing and buzz creating. The more hashtags of people or brands on social media like Twitter, the famous you get on the internet.
People are interested in hashtags more than any other content nowadays, so branded hashtags will generate enough buzz for your product.

Step 4: increase customers engagement

When it comes to buzz marketing then you have to pay attention to your content. The creative the content, the more the audience involved. They will give more time to your product if you have enough content to make them stay.

Step 5: go for a video marketing campaign

In many cases, people prefer to watch videos than read your content so make sure you have the right video content for your audience. The engagement and concentration of the audience increases via videos.

Buzz Marketing is the best way to get people talking, whether about your brand or product. Many companies, therefore, use this technique to be the number one brand. If you create something that people are interested in then you get success in buzz marketing.