Will AI writing replace human writers in the future?


We are in an age where Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly. This has grown to such an extent that AI has been implemented in just about every field, including content writing, and AI writing is surprisingly good. In fact, it has grown to such an extent that many content writers are getting worried about their careers.  

At the time of this writing the AI does indeed provides us with great results. But the question is – should content writers be afraid of AI writing? 

Before we talk about this, what even is AI writing?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing?

Artificial Intelligence Writing or AI writing is a text generator that operates based on the input of keywords provided by the users. It takes in the input keyword, runs it through the database and then uses AI to generate human-like text. 

In layperson’s terms, an AI writing assistance or artificial intelligence writer is a program that gives you text based on your query. This is excellent for you if you constantly require blog posts or captions for your social media platform. 

From this definition alone, you can guess why content writers feel like AI writing is a threat to their careers. 

So – 

What can AI writers do?

The shortest answer to this question is “a lot”. While AI will not be the end of humanity, they can do a wide range of things and reduce the effort spent on content creation. In some cases, it can even let you skip effort on a chunk of content. Some of the most common tasks that these writers can do are: 

Generate Blogs

Although the blogs generated through these tools still have a lot of limitations, they can indeed generate blogs. That said, at the time of this writing, this aspect of content writing is still in its infancy, and the blogs generated through these content tools are still simple. They have the quality of Instant Articles at best.

Still, a content writer can adapt the blog generated by an AI article writer and modify it to suit their preferences. 

Create Copy writings

One of the hardest challenges for content writers is to write sales copies that can drive sales and increase conversions. This is because copywriting needs to convey a powerful message or trigger emotions with a few words. AI copywriting tools can do extremely well. They are trained on millions of examples from all over the internet. 

On-page SEO suggestions

ai writing

On-page SEO is a lot tougher than it seems. You need to consider the tags, meta tags, content length, keyword density, keyword distribution, image size and optimization, and much more. The good news is that implementing AI writers on your content can analyse your content’s on-page SEO status and show the score on how it will perform on SERPs. In other words, AI writers can also be used as SEO tools for business.


Similar to how AI writers can generate copywriting through copywriting tools, they can also generate business taglines. The concept of AI writers generating business taglines is similar to copy generation. There are thousands, if not millions, of taglines on the web that artificial intelligence can train on to generate the perfect tagline for your business. 

And the best part about Ai content is that the intelligent bot can do all of these with human-like wordings. 

How does AI content writing work?

The specifics of how these tools work are complicated, to say the least. It involves a lot of programming and coding specifics. However, the general premise of how these tools work is rather simple. 

These tools are trained over time to take in data available on the internet and take in relevant information before displaying them as a result as per the input keywords. This is how humans generally do content writing. Yes, humans regularly rely on data outside the internet, which AI tools cannot do. However, this is more than adequate for general purposes of content writing.

Furthermore, AI content tools have one distinct advantage speed over humans scanning the internet for relevant information. 

So far, AI content tools seem to be superior. But just like everything in the world, Ai content writers could be better, and they each have their own set of drawbacks. 

What are the Drawbacks of AI Content Writing?

As good as AI writing assistants are, they have some drawbacks. Although these drawbacks of AI content writing software do not affect your everyday life, they can and will affect the performance of your content if you are running a content-related business. While you can still use these tools for business, you need human supervision for quality assurance. Besides this requirement of a human, some other drawbacks of AI writing tools are:


Everything in the world is flawed, so even the contents generated by AI tools are bound to have some errors. These errors can include the wrong use of a phrase, improper words and even some minor grammar mistakes. Do note that Ai tools work based on data from the internet. So if a mistake is common on the web data, AI tools will use the wrong data. 

Lacks Human Personnality

ai writing

This is a rather obvious and glaring con of AI tools. The content generated from these tools is indeed great. However, they are machines at the end of the day, and it is hard to emulate the personality of a human. Although recent bots like ChatGPT can emulate some aspects of human personality, at the time of this writing, these tools still need to do this to perfection. 

Can be Biased

This drawback of AI-generated content and these tools is related to online information again. If the internet has a wide range of biased opinions, then the content and blog articles written by AI content writing software will also contain the same biases and will not be accurate content. 


The content generated by AI content tools takes on the data from content existing on the internet, and this form of content is often just the stitching of words from different content on the internet. Although we may not see it, google and other search engine bots will see these words as plagiarism. This is not good for you if you want your content to do good on SERPs and optimize them for SEO since plagiarised content diminishes the SEO value of your content. 

Now the question is 

Can writers adapt to this change?

Absolutely yes. Rather than taking AI writing as an enemy, many content writers (including our own members) are using AI tools as well tools to make their work easier. Content writers can use AI article writing and copywriting tools to generate reference points for their writing. Along with getting the reference points, content writers can also edit the AI-generated content as per their personality during emergencies. 

So although at first glance, AI writing assistant may seem like a thread, it’s rather a huge boon. In fact, some chunks of this article took reference from ChatGPT. 

What are some of the best AI content Writing tools?

By now, you should have a general gist of what an AI tool for content and text generation is. Now we will list a short list of the best tools so you can try them out yourself. Following is the list of some of the best Content writing tools

  1. Shorty AI
  2. Jasper 
  3. Sudowrite
  4. RYTR
  5. Chibi AI
  6. Surfer
  7. GrothBar
  8. Writesonic
  9. Scalenut
  10. Outranking
  11. copy
  12. Closers Copy
  13. Frase
  14. Article Forge
  15. Wordtune

These 15 AI content writing tools are some of the best, and most have a free plan. So feel free to try them out. 

In the end

We live in a world where technology is advancing at a blinding speed, and writing tools are among these technologies. At a quick glance, this growth may look like a threat to content writers. However, if you take a closer look, these automatic writing tools and text generators are a big aid to us. Used correctly, these AI-powered tools can make the process of content writing quicker and better. 

We hope you found this helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: What is the best AI for writing?

A: Some of the best tools for AI writing are:

  • Jasper
  • CopySmith
  • Scalenut
  • Outranking

Q: Is AI writing free?

A: It depends on the AI writing tool you prefer, and there are indeed some free AI writing tools. 

Q: Is Grammarly an AI writer?

A: Grammarly is not an AI writer as it cannot generate content itself. However, it can aid you immensely through its AI to improve your existing content. 

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