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Microsoft announces WINDOWS 11

Windows 11: Everything you need to know about According to the survey, Windows 10 is the most popular version till now. What makes Windows 10 highly appreciated than the previous..

By blog / 30 June 2021

Green football pitch with footballers

Rules For Playing Football

Football: There is not any doubt that football is the most popular sport all over the world. Different sports are popular in different parts of the world. It would not..

By blog / 25 June 2021

Moon of different phase.

Astrology, Astronomy: Know About It

The Origin & History of Astronomy Astronomy: People looked up at the heavens a few thousand years ago and strike by the mysteries of planets and stars. They must have..

By blog / 24 June 2021

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Tips for Beginner to get into Nepal Share Stock (NEPSE)

First know about What NEPSE, stock/share is. We have a blog on it. Here NEPSE: Things to Know About Share and Stock? If you are a complete beginner in the..

By blog / 09 June 2021

NEPSE share

NEPSE: Things to Know About Share and Stock?

What is Share or Stock? In a simple explanation, Stocks are a method of growing wealth. You possess a share of the firm that issued the stock when you invest..

By blog / 04 June 2021


Organizational Transparency |Way to Achieve and their Major Roles

In various sectors like science and engineering, business, and humanities, the term transparency refers to the fact that all the actions taken are very clear and seen through. Let’s say..

By blog / 03 May 2021

cattle rearing. Group of cowes

Cattle rearing business in Nepal

Cattle; cows (female) and bulls (male) are the most common type of large domestic animals. In a place like Nepal with abundant pasture and greenery rearing cattle is an easy..

By blog / 23 April 2021


Importance Of Soft Skills For Managers

How do you become an administrator? There are many different ways, but often, because you work well, you are promoted to a management role. This is meaningful—you don’t want a..

By blog / 18 April 2021


Top 5 FMCG Companies Which Are Popular

FMCG stands for Fast-moving consumer goods. As the name itself suggests, it is goods that are sold quickly like gum, fruit, vegetables, milk, soda, beer, or common drugs like aspirin...

By blog / 15 April 2021

automobile industry

Top 5 Brands In The Automobile Industry

The automobile industry has taken a huge leap if we look into the past. There are dozens of companies that have billions of revenue that work in the automobile industry...

By blog / 01 April 2021

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility; Its Types And Essence

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business model that helps a company to be socially accountable to its stakeholders, the public, and itself. It is about acting ethically to do..

By blog / 26 March 2021


Capital Investments For Business; Pros, Cons And The Sources

Capital investments are the money that is used by a business to purchase fixed assets. Such as buildings, land, and machinery. Capital investment can be in the form of cash..

By blog / 25 March 2021

work & life

Know to Balance Your Work & Life

It is challenging for a lot of people to balance between their work and personal life. Because most of the time our work takes precedence over everything else in our..

By blog / 19 March 2021

Affiliate Marketing

Things you need to know before about Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, one business works along with another business or affiliate, and one business rewards another business for every visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts...

By blog / 09 March 2021


How To Manage Your Working Capital For Smooth Operations?

Working capital is the sum of current assets minus the current liabilities. Keeping an eye on the capital that is used in its day-to-day trading operations called working capital is..

By blog / 03 March 2021


How To Decrease Your Employee Turnover?

The data from LinkedIn in 2017 showed that there is an employee turnover rate of about 10.9 percent. At a workplace, the Human Resource manager is also known as HR..

By blog / 02 March 2021

white and black braille machine

Individual Businesses can cause Bankruptcy?

Individual businesses on the verge of bankruptcy due to the liquidity crisis in the banking sector. Here is our thoughts. After the hit from the Novel Coronavirus/ Covid-19 businesses were..

By blog / 24 February 2021


Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

When I hear the word entrepreneur, the names that come are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk. They are some of the few names of successful entrepreneurs who have..

By blog / 22 February 2021