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Microsoft announces WINDOWS 11

Windows 11: Everything you need to know about According to the survey, Windows 10 is the most popular version till now. What makes Windows 10 highly appreciated than the previous..

By blog / 30 June 2021

Green football pitch with footballers

Rules For Playing Football

Football: There is not any doubt that football is the most popular sport all over the world. Different sports are popular in different parts of the world. It would not..

By blog / 25 June 2021

Moon of different phase.

Astrology, Astronomy: Know About It

The Origin & History of Astronomy Astronomy: People looked up at the heavens a few thousand years ago and strike by the mysteries of planets and stars. They must have..

By blog / 24 June 2021

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What are the rules you should know before playing ludo?

Ludo is a two to four[a] players strategy board game where the players race their four rolls according to one roll, from beginning to finish. Ludo comes from the Indian..

By blog / 30 April 2021

multiple smart device with different apps display

Top 5 Mobile Apps For Entertainment Purposes

In recent years, the market for mobile phones has seen significant growth. Although, mobile phones’ primary purpose was to make communication easier. Nowadays, they are considered more than a source..

By blog / 19 April 2021


Top 5 Best Actresses Of Hollywood

Usually declaring the top people with some numbers is subjective because one cannot simply rank people by the number of awards received or the fame made. Many factors determine someone..

By blog / 15 March 2021


Best Nepali movies to watch in Lockdown

Nepali movies industry is still in its emerging phase. A good movie has a lot of efforts of numerous people from director to actors to the technical crew to many..

By blog / 19 November 2020


Cartoons for kids | Top 7 Best Cartoons

  It is always considered as a waste of time when children watch cartoon TV shows. Watching cartoons is not only for Entertainment. It is difficult to understand for parents..

By blog / 17 October 2020


Top 7 K-Drama on Netflix

After months of staying at home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Many people have binged their way through the expected fare. K-Drama, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies and..

By blog / 15 October 2020


New Hollywood Movies Must Watch In 2020

Hollywood movies with good contents, direction, settings, and stories have gone viral crazily in the year 2020, especially in Netflix The brand-new top 10 feature of Netflix provides insights on..

By blog / 22 September 2020