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Social Media Trend 2022: 11 Major Trends From January to December 2022!

Change is the nature of the world, and social media is not a stranger to this concept. Things change far more often in social media than in real life. Things..

By Anna / 27 December 2022

4ps of marketing mix

The 4Ps Of Marketing Mix

Marketing is the action or business to promote and sell products or services, including market research and advertising. For a business to succeed, marketing has a significant role in it...

By Anna / 05 August 2022

Buzz Marketing

Buzz Marketing & Types | Significance of Buzz Marketing

Could there be a way to get many people involved in your brand? Well, yes, just make it viral! How? Know about Buzz Marketing. The answer is Buzz Marketing. Promotion..

By Anna / 02 May 2021