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Microsoft announces WINDOWS 11

Windows 11: Everything you need to know about According to the survey, Windows 10 is the most popular version till now. What makes Windows 10 highly appreciated than the previous..

By blog / 30 June 2021

Green football pitch with footballers

Rules For Playing Football

Football: There is not any doubt that football is the most popular sport all over the world. Different sports are popular in different parts of the world. It would not..

By blog / 25 June 2021

Moon of different phase.

Astrology, Astronomy: Know About It

The Origin & History of Astronomy Astronomy: People looked up at the heavens a few thousand years ago and strike by the mysteries of planets and stars. They must have..

By blog / 24 June 2021

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19) and Eye

INTRODUCTION Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID 19), is caused by the highly transmissible Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus type 2(SARS-CoV-2) previously named as novel coronavirus 2019. It is a single-stranded,..

By blog / 26 May 2021

SAARC logo and countries flags

How Is SAARC Helping To Boost Asian Economy?

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation(SAARC): an economic intergovernmental and geopolitical corporate organization. SAARC established on 8th December in 1985. It comprised of 7 nations at that time including,..

By blog / 13 April 2021


Kathmandu Valley Recent Pollution levels, Causes, And Effects

Kathmandu, known as the city of temples is now the city of pollution. It is the central hub for indoor and outdoor tourists and millions of people from all around..

By blog / 31 March 2021

Pregnant woman wearing mask

Covid-19 Lockdown and Increased Pregnancy

COVID-19 an illness that began with a new virus that is spreading rapidly across the world. It has already been more than a year since the World Health Organization declared..

By blog / 13 November 2020


Kamala Harris: US Vice President-elect 2020

Just over a year ago, as the senator from California hoping to win the Democratic nomination for the presidency, Kamala Harris launched a potent attack on Joe Biden over race..

By blog / 12 November 2020

Cyber crime

Online Harassment & Cyber Crime: it’s Prevention

With rapid technological changes, everything appears to be digitizing. Along with which threats like unethical hacking, cybercrime, and online harassment appear to be more intensified. Research has found out that..

By blog / 28 September 2020

women . Top 10 of the world

Top 10 Most powerful women in the world

Women have always played a great role at work, in families, or in businesses. There is no doubt that the power of women is uncountable. However, they need to be..

By blog / 25 September 2020

Covid 19 Nepal's Economy

Effects of COVID-19 lockdown in Nepal’s Economy

COVID-19 has made a huge negative impact in the World’s Economy. In the context of Nepal’s Economy, over 90% of economic activities have come to a grinding halt during this..

By blog / 23 September 2020