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Microsoft announces WINDOWS 11

Windows 11: Everything you need to know about According to the survey, Windows 10 is the most popular version till now. What makes Windows 10 highly appreciated than the previous..

By blog / 30 June 2021

Green football pitch with footballers

Rules For Playing Football

Football: There is not any doubt that football is the most popular sport all over the world. Different sports are popular in different parts of the world. It would not..

By blog / 25 June 2021

Moon of different phase.

Astrology, Astronomy: Know About It

The Origin & History of Astronomy Astronomy: People looked up at the heavens a few thousand years ago and strike by the mysteries of planets and stars. They must have..

By blog / 24 June 2021

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Mediation, its importance, and role of mediator

Mediation, the interactive procedure in which the conflict between disputing parties or team members is discussed and resolved with the help of a third party known as the mediator. The..

By blog / 28 April 2021


How to reconnect after an argument with your partner?

Every couple has some sorts of arguments. Arguments are completely normal and they especially strengthen your relationships. However, arguments need to be done with healthy habits and opinions with yours..

By blog / 18 October 2020

Break Up

How to get over from your ex: Tips that help you move on

Break-ups can leave people in a miserable condition for months or even for years if it doesn’t set you on the right track. Break-ups are something that usually most people..

By blog / 07 October 2020