cattle rearing. Group of cowes

Cattle rearing business in Nepal

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  • 23rd Apr, 2021
cattle rearing. Group of cowes

Cattle; cows (female) and bulls (male) are the most common type of large domestic animals. In a place like Nepal with abundant pasture and greenery rearing cattle is an easy business. Generally in other parts of the world cattle are reared for dairy and meat products. In the case of Nepal, rearing cattle for meat is considered illegal. Nepal being a country dominated by Hindu considers Cow as a god. In addition to that, Cow is also the national animal of Nepal. So if you are someone who is looking forward to rear cattle in Nepal you should be aware of slaughtering cattle.

The only way you can make money from the cattle rearing business in Nepal is from dairy products or dung. You can use the dung to produce manure which you can sell as well. About cows being banned to slaughter in Nepal, one thing that you can do is export your cattle to another country nearby like China. You can export them alive to China where they can create beef or leather.

Some facts that you should know about Cows in Nepal

  1. The cow is the national animal of Nepal.
  2. The act of killing a cow, punishable by law as considered illegal.
  3. Hindu people of Nepal consider the cow as a god and worship it.
  4. Bulls (oxen or bullocks) mostly used as riding animals and draft animals to pull carts and plow the field.

Current Situation of Cattle Rearing Business in Nepal

From the statistics collected from the Ministry of Livestock Development of Nepal, it was found that there are about 8 million cattle along with 5.4 million buffalo in Nepal. Since the data collected a few years ago. There has been the registration of thousands of dairy farms for cattle rearing which has increased the number of cattle in Nepal. However, the cattle reared here are only for dairy products so it might not sound much profitable here.

Most of the dairy farms here in Nepal are on small scale. Farms are ranging from 10 to a few hundred cattle. It was found that Nepal produced around 2 million liters of milk per day. But the demand is 25% higher than the supplied amount. This resulted in a lack of enough milk to fulfill the demand. So milk is imported from India. Due to the lack of pure milk people in the urban areas have also started consuming powdered milk that is imported from other countries.

Environment & Pasture.

Despite the favorable environment and abundant pasture and place, there is not enough profit from the cattle business. One major reason behind this is the lack of pure breeds in Nepal. It found that only 5% of the breeds of cattle found in Nepal are pure, like Holstein and Jersey. Farmers in Nepal are only able to get around 500 to 2,000 liters of milk per year from one cow. Even professional farmers who have big firms and are doing cattle rearing on a big scale produce 1500 to 1800 liters of milk from 350 cows.

Besides all these, another reason is people considering the business of cattle rearing comparatively less respectable. If someone understands about the breeds, the kind of food to feed the cattle then one can make a pretty good profit in a place like Nepal but most of the young people in Nepal are either flying abroad or doing any other job or business.


  1. Land (pasture land for grazing) and other lands for the cultivation of grass to feed the cattle.
  2. Shed to keep the cattle
  3. Abundant clean water to feed the cattle
  4. Fodder for better milk yield
  5. Cattles of good breed
  6. Labor to look after the cattle
  7. Vaccination to prevent or spread diseases

Things To Know Before starting Cattle Rearing Business

  1. Get professional training from Agriculture Universities or training centers. Nowadays there are some private training dairy consultancies as well.
  2. Read articles and watch videos about cattle rearing to know about new ideas and understand your business.
  3. Visit the local dairy farms in your area and find out the problems and also find out the ways to overcome such problems.
  4. If you do not have enough capital investment to start a cattle rearing business, go to your local agriculture or co-operative banks where they are providing loans at less interest rates or sometimes no interest rate as well. You might get some grants as well. 
  5. Find skilled people to manage your business so that you can get the best from your business.