Tiktok is a weird place – for both the creators and for viewers. It has some of the best features that a content creator could want combining a little bit of everything from YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch. At the same time, viewers can find a wide range of content on this video streaming platform. The contents range from informative to downright nonsense ones. And among all of these sleuths of content, lies some Dangerous TikTok challenge.

Tiktok was made popular by its challenges and the feature of dueting after all. That and its short videos were perfect for the majority of the audiences who want quick entertainment. But now and then, among the usual cringe, skits, and magics, we see some challenges that seem harmless at first but later turn out to be dangerous. 

Here we will be talking about some of these challenges- so that you can know what they are and what not to do. But be wary that the dangerous TikTok trends that we have listed here are like a drop of water in the ocean. 

with this being said, let’s get started with our list.

1) Milk Crate Challenge

Dangerous TikTok Challenge of 2022

On June 23rd of 2011, in bonus footage in one of the videos from the YouTube Channel JoyRiderTV, a guy runs across a staircase made from milk cartoons before falling. 

This footage seems to be the inspiration behind Kenneth Waddell and Jordan  Browne for creating the milk crate challenge we know today. This is a rather recent harmless-looking challenge. But as you may have guessed, this challenge is anything but harmless. Even in the original footage that inspired this challenge, the guy was hurt.

Milk crates are not stable nor strong enough to build a staircase from. On top of that, it is slippery as well. Due to all of these reasons, it is easy to slip and fall when climbing these. This is especially so if you try to do this within 30 seconds – the usual video length on TikTok. If you fall, you will get a bruise. But getting a bruise is the best-case scenario. If things go wrong, you can easily break your spine or even your neck. 

This hidden risk easily makes this one of the most dangerous TikTok Challenges of  2021. 

2) Baby Swing Challenge

Dangerous Tiktok Challenge

The rules behind this challenge are rather simple. All you need to do is, find a baby swing, squeeze into it and swing a couple of times. Seems simple and harmless enough right?

While this challenge is indeed simple, it is far from harmless. The first part of the challenge is hard enough as no one can squeeze in a baby swing. But it is the easy part of the entire challenge. The hard part starts when you fail to get out of the swing. As it is said, it is easier to squeeze into things rather than to squeeze out of things. Not only will it stop you from moving all that much, but it can also restrict your blood flow and easily make you faint.

Unless you get rescued soon – either by lubricating yourself out or destroying the swing, you will be in a world of hurt if not immediate under immediate threat to your physical self. So needless to say this is one of the most dangerous TikTok challenges out there. 

3) Scalp Pop Challenge

Dangerous TikTok Challenge of 2022

Similar to the previous two, this challenge is very simple. All you need to do is pull your hair hard enough till you hear a “pop” sound coming from your scalp. Seems harmless enough right?

Wrong. The pop sound comes from your Galia (soft tissue of the scalp) off your skull. Now if this sounds dangerous, it’s because it is. By doing this there is a high chance of internal bleeding under your scalp that can be hard to notice until too late. As we all know, internal bleeding is not exactly a good thing for us humans. Depending on the amount of internal bleeding, you can easily face severe health issues like lightheadedness, pain, shortness of breath, a rapid heart rate, and much more. 

Is this dangerous? Definitely! This is one of the most dangerous TikTok Challenges ever on par with the infamous blackout challenge. While the blackout challenge was somewhat obvious, the hidden dangers of this Scalp Pop Challenges make it even scarier.

4) Blackout Challenge

Dangerous TikTok Challenge of 2022

How long can you hold your breath? Well, it depends from person to person. And this is the basic gist of this challenge – holding your breath. But Blackout Challenge takes it a step further. In this challenge, you have to hold your breath till you pass out from either suffocation or asphyxiation. 

If you are sensible, you would probably “nope” out from this challenge as soon as you know what this challenge is all about. But sadly many people are either too hungry for fame or are too dumb to avoid this. And this has led to several people being severely injured and even some deaths. 

Needless to say. if a challenge causes death, it can be considered one of the most dangerous TikTok trends ever. And before anyone says anything like “but isn’t it useful to learn how to hold your breath?” we say, “only under expert supervision”. if you don’t have any expert supervisors around you and are not learning this trick for any specific goal, drop the idea immediately and breathe normally. Choking yourself as an online challenge is not what humans do.

5) Full Face Wax Challenge

Dangerous TikTok Challenge of 2022

This challenge that was the brainchild of Butch barber Renaz Ismael is one of the weirder ones out there. And this challenge looks completely harmless. All you need to do is, over your face, including earholes and nose holes, wait for the wax to dry, and then pull it out. 

Sounds painful right? But pain is the least of your worries when performing this challenge. If you use the wrong wax or wax of the wrong viscosity, it can easily go deep and cause some serious hazards. For instance, what if the wax foes inside your nose and gets stuck there, or how about inside your ears? The worst-case scenario is the wax reaching beyond your nose. If you are cringing at the imaginary pain right now, you easily understand why the full face wax challenge is easily one of the most dangerous TikTok challenges. 

And on top of all these, if you don’t leave your mouth open, you can easily suffocate yourself. Needless to say -Don’t try this!

6) Fire Challenge

Dangerous Tiktok Challenge

Since we are talking about challenges that involve hot stuff, let’s talk about the fire challenge. This is an extremely simple, extremely dangerous, and extremely dumb challenge to attempt. This challenge seems to have started with a TikToker named Jack Jerry. 

The concept is simple – just like every one of the dangerous challenges so far on this list. All you need do is, make a design from hair spray, turn the lights off, and set fire to the design. That is all and under controlled circumstances, this does indeed look beautiful. But as long as there is fire involved, risks will always exist. It is easy to burn the house down if you spray a bit too much or even explode the can of hair spray used in this challenge if you forget to properly place it before lighting the fire. This is the first type the danger involved in this dangerous TikTok trend. We say the first type because while this is dangerous, it can be executed by professionals.

But the second type is something that will lead to pain, screams, and possibly disfigurement. The second way in which this fire challenge can be executed is by spraying the hair spray on your body and setting it on fire.

if you are thinking only an idiot would do this, then you will be disappointed that there have been several cases when this went wrong and people have burnt themselves to disfigurement. Do not try this Dangerous TikTok challenge – at all. 

7) Outlet Challenge

Dangerous TikTok Challenge of 2022

After talking about the fire element, let’s move on to lightning. Fire is dangerous, but what about the thing that can create a fire if you cause the smallest of mistakes? Outlet challenge messes around with just this. Also known as the penny challenge, one-half of a phone charger is inserted into the outlet. After this, a penny is dropped into the exposed half. 

If this is done well, it creates sparks for a short duration. But at the same time, it also ruins the charger. So even if this challenge is executed well, it will still cost you a charger. What if it goes wrong? Well, death by electrocution is always high on the list. If this is avoided, there is always a chance of short-circuiting the electric circuit of your house. If the short-circuiting goes extreme, it can very easily cause a blackout in the entire neighborhood. And besides this, it can easily start a fire. 

So if you don’t want to cause any of these disasters, then stay away from this challenge. If you want to see sparks, just use a cheap flint and steel or go light some fireworks under supervision. Both of these are way safer than this idiotic and dangerous TikTok challenge, despite their dangers. Needless to say, Do Not Attempt This Challenge!

8) Vaccum Challenge

Dangerous TikTok Challenge of 2022

Since we are talking about going with the flow of dangerous TikTok challenges revolving around the elements of nature- let’s continue it with the one related to wind, or the absence of it: The Vaccum Challenge.

You just need a vacuum cleaner and a trash bag. Get inside the trash bag and start the vacuum cleaner to suck all of the air out. The trash bag will shrink till it is tightly stuck to your body. Does it look dangerous? Nope, but what if you leave the vacuum cleaner on for a bit too long?

Well, then you will know how it feels like to be inside the body of a giant anaconda that is slowly squeezing the life out of you. Death by constriction – doesn’t sound all that safe does it? Although this hasn’t happened yet (thankfully) social media experts have seen this potential danger and warned people against following this trend. The tightness of the trash bag will slowly squeeze you and if not released immediately.

Or if you do this at the wrong place – like near the stairs or tables, you can easily topple down and hit your head on something hard. This is hilarious but a dangerous TikTok challenge. While it is not as dangerous as the ones so far, you still do need someone by your side to switch the vacuum off as soon as things get uncomfortable. 

9) Teeth Filing Challenge

Dangerous Tiktok Challenge

Some of you may have cringed just from hearing the words “Tooth filing”. And the name is adequate to say why this is a dangerous TikTok challenge. You file your teeth with a nail filer. 

This can be an extremely painful process- especially for those who have sensitive 

 teeth. Even if one doesn’t have sensitive teeth, filing them will make it sensitive. Remember that feeling of bumping on a hard surface and getting hypersensitive teeth? Well in this challenge you do this manually. Once you do this challenge, eating and drinking will become hard for the next few days. But discomfort should be the least of your worries.

Filing your teeth can easily expose the nerve cells inside your teeth to germs which can cause severe infections. And these infections can easily spread to your gums. Regardless of what you do, you will get a sensitive tooth for a few days and potential risk of very painful toothaches and gum infection. And this is what makes tooth filing one of the most dangerous TikTok Challenges.

10) Silhouette Challenge

Dangerous Tiktok Challenge

So far the dangerous TikTok challenges that we have mentioned have focused on the physical dangers. But let’s talk about the one that can lead you down the road of depression, paranoia, and severe anxiety disorders. 

If you just take a simple look at this challenge, it looks like your regular TikTok challenge that shows a person going from innocent to sexy. You see a person, usually female acting cutely, then the light flickers and you see a silhouette of the same person in a sensual dress acting sensually. By the pure looks of this challenge, you may think that the worst it can do is land the person on the subreddit of r/tikthots. But there is more than meets the eye in this challenge.

The complete outline of a person is seen and the flickering lights are nothing but a filter. If someone is skilled at video editing, they can easily remove these filters. What will this do? Well, first of all, it should be noted that when this challenge is done, to show the full sexiness of their body, most of the females are down to a bikini. So if the filter is removed, this challenge can easily turn into unintentional porn and can be used as ammunition for blackmailing. Or if posted at sites like 4chan, it can easily turn the said person into an unintentional porn star.

This is where the Tiktok Chilloutte challenge becomes dangerous – it can easily ruin the reputation of the said person and turn lead to give ammunition to the culprits for blackmailing them easily ruining the life of said TikTok. 

In the end,

Dangerous Tiktok Challenge

There is only one thing left to say – Do Not Try these dangerous TikTok challenges. You will either risk your health or ruin your life should you make a small misstep in any one of these challenges. it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to social media and video streaming platforms like TikTok.

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