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ChatGPT has only been out there for just around two months. And according to some estimates, within these two months, it has garnered above one million users. This is a large number of users, but there are some excellent reasons behind this. ChatGPT can do a wide range of tasks, albeit with some limitations. Here, we will not discuss its capabilities but interesting and entertaining ways to use chatGPT. Yes, we did spend a bit of time using this open AI chatbot before making this list. 

Side Note* We recently talked about the limitations and abilities of ChatGPT, so if you want to know more about that aspect of this Open AI program, you can read it there. 

Entertaining ways to use ChatGPT

There are multiple ways to use chatGPT, like using it to learn new things and understand programming languages. But you can use this open AI chatbot for more than just professional uses. Rather, many users use chatGPT for non-work-related purposes. Why? Because we just love to use things for unintended purposes, this chatbot provides a perfect platform to ask for random things with it. 

And before anyone says anything, with the way things are going AI (artificial intelligence) will not be the end of humanity, at least not in our generation. 

That said, without any further ado, let’s look at interesting and entertaining ways to use chatGPT. 

1) Read Jokes

 Entertaining ways to use ChatGPT

One of the blatant ways to use this chatbot is to read jokes. You can read a ton of jokes from ChatGPT by simply asking it. All you need to do is type one word, “Joke,” and you will receive a few jokes. 

The only chink here is that if you have a sense of dark humour, this chatbot will not provide you with them. If you ask for dark jokes, the bot will reply with 

“I’m sorry, but as a responsible AI, I am not able to give you dark jokes as it may offend someone or hurt feelings. It’s important to remember that what one person finds funny, another person may find offensive or hurtful. It’s important to be respectful and mindful of others when sharing jokes or any other form of communication.” 

2) Write A Novel

Are you an inspiring writer but are too lazy to write a novel? Then ChatGPT is here for you. With this open ai powered Chatbot, you can write a novel with a tap of a few words. Just keep in mind that the novel will not be the one in your mind. 

This is the general basis of what writing a novel with chatGPT is. Will the novel be great? Will the novel be of your desired volume? Nope, but it will still be fun. This is one of the best entertaining ways to use chatGPT. 

Note: In this same vein, you can also use ChatGPT to write blog posts and write generally about your creative ideas but it will require a lot of trial and stitching to generate the perfect post for you. 

3) Dating Tips

Another entertaining thing you can spend hours doing on chatGPT is asking for dating advice. Although the advice will be generic, you can add or remove a few specifications of you or your date to change the outcome. It is not as easy as getting a novel or joke from this open AI Chatbot. It is still entertaining enough to kill a decent bit of time. 

Although the dating advice will vary despite being generic, you will always get this message at the end, followed by some generic lines. 

“Remember, every person is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another.” 

4) Converse with AI 

This should be obvious, and indeed this chatbot is decent. Although the responses may seem like talking to a bot, it is still way better than other chatbots as the sentences have human-like structures. At the very least the sentence structure and word choices do not follow strict grammar rules and the responses have a more roundabout feeling. These two make the conversation feel much more humane. 

5) Get game tips 

If you are stuck in a game and need some tips, who are you going to ask? The most obvious answer is that we will google for some solutions, but chatGPT is a viable option. You have to be a bit specific, but you can get decent game advice and tips. 

Along with being specific, you have to note that this open AI-powered Chatbot is running on data from 2021. So if you are playing games released after 2021, then you are out of luck. 

Following is a snippet of our Skyrim-loving (but still a newbie) teammate asking for tips for his new gameplay. 

 Entertaining ways to use ChatGPT

6) Generate Names

Have you ever imagined what the name of a kid born in England during the middle ages would be? Well, according to chatGPT, they are “William, Henry, Edward, and Richard for upper-class families, while lower-class families may have had names such as John, Thomas, and Robert.” 

This is just one example of using this open AI-powered Chatbot to name things. As long as your instructions are specific enough for the bot to understand, you can generate tons of names through this chatbot for any use, be it naming your kids or just a character for the novel you generated using this very same chatbot. 

7) Translate languages 

Yes, you can translate languages using chatGPT. The translation works in basically every language available on google translate. The only issue here is that you must tell the chatbot language you are translating into, along with the raw text file. 

Do note that while this AI chatbot can translate languages, it is somewhat clumsy and will get things wrong more often than not. Still, it is one of the most entertaining ways to use this chatbot, especially if you are bi-lingual or have an adequate language of more than one language. 

8) Health Tips 

Although asking for health tips is more on the entertainment and informative aspect of ChatGPT, it sure is one of the productive tasks you can do while being entertained by the response of this AI chatbot. As with all, the responses generated by this AI-powered chatbot are generic, but it is enough to get you started on a healthy habit. If the health tips you need are severe, the bot will recommend you visit qualified health personnel. Still, asking for health tips is among the most entertaining things you can do with ChatGPT. 

9) Music Recommendations 

Some of us may consider that music is an integral aspect of life, and the good news is that ChatGPT can aid you. The concept is rather simple; you only need to ask for some music recommendations and get them. The bot will scan the internet and recommend popular songs matching your searches. 

You can use specific keywords to trigger a specific response as well, and if you want a quick answer without the need to browse google, then this is one of the most entertaining things you can do on ChatGPT. 

10) Simple explanations 

 Entertaining ways to use ChatGPT

Similar to health tips, simple explanations lean more on the informative aspect of ChatGPT rather than entertaining. The concept is rather simple; you ask a question and add trigger words like “in simple” to get the explanations in simple words. By doing this, you can get chatGPT to explain the general gist of the overall process before you dive in deeper. This is also great to keep yourself entertained for a while if you have some free time during school or work to learn new things like writing code. 


ChatGPT is a relatively new chatbot that has risen to popularity rather abruptly. That said, its rise to popularity is within expectation as it features some of the best features found within any chatbot. It can be used for both information and entertainment as you can search a wide range of topics and get a quick answer for most of your search queries. 

This is by far not the most exhaustive list of the things you can do in this AI-powered Chatbot for fun but  – 

We hope you found this helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: What does GPT in ChatGPT stand for?

A: The GPT in chat GPT stands for General Pre-training Transformer.

Q: Who is the owner of ChatGPT?

A: This chatbot was launched and developed by OpenAI. 

Q: Is chatbot safe?

A: Most of the time, Chatbots like ChatGPT are safe. 

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