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Harassment Five Laws Every Woman Must Acknowledge


Most developed countries have experienced a massive shift in attitudes and traditional thoughts about women’s equality and liberty. Women in western countries are more secure and liberated. However, in most developing countries, women’s rights are not noticed or practiced. The woman being harassed is also one of the main problems in the present scenario. It is very hard to say that in the age of science and technology, we are still fighting for equal rights and participation.

Here we present the five laws that women should acknowledge:

Stalking is punishable

harassment via stalking

Don’t avoid but report it: Stalking is unfortunately does not get enough attention in developing countries. It is because of the casual attitude of society. Women do not raise their voice against such practices because they adapt to them. Stalking is as a crime by the Criminal Law (Amendment Act) 2013. The state must take legal action against such issues.

Lodge on FIR. Do not worry about the Judgments

You can only register an FIR in the police station of your jurisdiction. Also, you can register FIR where the crime has been committed. This is one of the prime reasons why police stations often refuse to lodge an FIR. This is why individuals feel stressed and frustrated and eventually give up on filling the complaint. In the case of women, it is different. If you are a woman who seeks to file a complaint, you can file it anywhere. It developed especially such case laws to protect women. They can file the case without taking the place of crime into account.

You cannot be abused even after married

harassment after marriage

Most Asian countries believe that marriage must not break. They have glorified this idea from society, culture, movies, and tradition. They deeply rooted these ideas in the mindset of women. Therefore, they never raise their voice against domestic violence. The situation is even worse in Indian society, where individuals punish their wives and daughter-in-law in the name of dowry.

Sexual Harassment is not acceptable; report it

As per the survey conducted by the Indian National bar Associate, around 38% of respondents confessed to being sexually harassed at their workplaces.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is more common these days. Women must know that such behaviors are a crime. They need to keep themselves updated and protest in case of any trouble. Whether you are a senior, junior or permanent, a temporary employee doesn’t matter. Even if you are an intern, part-time worker, or visitor, you can charge with harassment.

No one can upload your picture/videos without consent


We live in a world of technology that may be fortunate or unfortunate. The Internet has connected thousands of individuals under one roof. Cell phones are easily accessible, and so are mobile cameras. It is also not uncommon to find nude or offensive pictures. These days, indecent videos shared through WhatsApp have become the biggest nightmare for women. Changing room videos, as well as the most intimate moment between couples, are captured on cameras. Someone posted them publicly with no consent. Therefore, such videos must remove from the portal. Google has made strict policies to remove such videos.

Side note* this form of harassment can also be called online harassment


Hence, these five laws are very important and supported by every woman. The increasing population and urbanization auto-generate criminal activities. It is our prime responsibility to protect women against violence and danger. You can get other more ideas about what sexual harassment is and what should be done.

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