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Green Dating: A Perfect Combination of Love and Nature


Although dating is a relatively modern term, if we go by the definition, humans have been dating one another since the old days. Unlike what many of us believe, dating is simply the act of regularly spending time with someone we have romantic and/ or sexual interest in. It doesn’t need a specific venue or specific situation. As long as you are with the person you are attracted to and share mutual feelings with; it can be considered dating. Although it has existed since ancient times, new trends are constantly popping up. And one such new trend is Green Dating

The concept seems simple enough, and from the name itself, one can easily guess that it has something to do with the environment. But what exactly is Green Dating?

What is Green Dating?

As you may have guessed from the “green” in this dating, this is a dating concept centered around environment friendliness. This is where people with eco-friendly interests find each other by highlighting their common interest in dating apps or social apps

Why is Green Dating popular?

green dating

This should not be all that much of a big deal in itself, and it isn’t. However, we are currently in an era where global warming, climate change, and ecological crisis are constantly rising. Because of this, the fact that people who share an interest in preserving the environment can meet together, fall in love, and start a new generation of environment-friendly people makes this trend popular. 

But just like every other form of dating, some factors affect how well the dating experience goes.

Factors that affect Green Dating 

As with regular dating, two people with similar interest match over a dating app they meet and, if everything goes well in this eco-friendly dating trend, they start a new eco-friendly generation. But relationships are complicated, and multiple factors contribute to good dating. Naturally, these factors apply to green dating as well. As many variables go into a good date, attempting to cover them all would be foolish. However, we can cover a few of them. The two significant factors that affect Green Dating are:

1) General Compatibility

Naturally, the general compatibility of two people involved is one of the core aspects of any dating – not just green dating. This includes two people sharing mutual interests, a worldview, a general common sense of humor, physical attractiveness, and emotional connection. Without these factors leaning on the positive side, dating will eventually turn out to be wrong regardless of if the dating is green dating or not. 

2) Concern for the Environment

Besides the general compatibility between the two involved in dating, when it comes to green dating, there is one more crucial element; Concern for the Environment and being an eco lover. The participants in green dating must share views on protecting the environment. This includes reducing waste, protecting the greens, reducing carbon footprint, and other interests. If the people involved in dating do not share these interests and concerns, it cannot be considered green dating. 

So, as long as two green singles have a common interest in protecting, preserving, and promoting the environment, this dating will likely be a success. Now with these factors in mind, if you are interested in green dating, you can start searching for your ideal match. The only question now is – How?

What are the Best Apps for Green Dating?

green dating

The best way to go on a green date is to recognize someone you are interested in and find out if they have environmental concerns. The only issue is that it is hard to know people’s interests in real life. People are slow to reveal their interests, and this usually takes time. But this only applies when it comes to dating apps. 

It would be fair to say that the tables are turned to dating apps. It is hard to check the compatibility but easy to know the interests. Given that there are tons of dating apps around, it can take time to choose the best ones for dating apps. To make this easier, we have compiled a list of the best dating apps for green dating

1) CaffMos

Caffmos is one of the longest-running gay dating sites. Like any other dating site, this site allows its users to search, with easy filter systems, and match with other users they find interesting. 

2) Indonesian Cupid

As the name suggests, Indonesian Cupid is a dating platform dedicated to finding your Indonesian partner. In this app, you can upload pictures, state your interests, and find the perfect Indonesian partner in this climate friendly dating trend. 

3) Fling

Although fling is not considered a positive term in the dating world, the platform with this is perfect for Green dating site. This app is primarily meant to connect people with similar interests. The user of this app share their videos and generally chat for a while before meeting for a date. The video staring compatibility of this app allows for a better understanding of the interests and likes of the person involved before the meeting in this green-friendly dating trend. 

4) Bumble

The entire concept of this Dating came to light because of this app. This app allows users to list their interests and find matches based on their interests. Because of this feature, it is relatively easy to find perfect candidates for Green Dating. After a good, while chatting and ensuring compatibility, bumbles make setting up an ideal green date rather convenient and is one of the reasons why one of the best green dating sites.

5) Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps and is naturally one of the best green dating sites. Although you can only enter a few photographs and a short bio, it is easy to filter out your potential partners and matches. 

The apps mentioned here are only some of the apps for Green dating. However, finding the match is just one-half of Green Dating. The next part is going on a date itself. 

Where to go on a Green Date?

green dating

If you are reading this point, we can only assume that you are either deeply interested in this dating or have already matched with someone and are looking for tips on where and how to go on this Dating. That said, Green Dating is rather more accessible when compared to traditional dating since the best spots are apparent. Following are the best places to go on a Green Date. 

1) Outdoor Picnics

Outdoor picnics are simple activities that bring you close to the environment, perfect for a couple who love nature. The activity itself is simple as well. All you need is a carpet, a picnic spot nearby a natural location, and some homemade foods. You enjoy each other’s company as you enjoy and share your love of eco-friendliness underneath the blue sky surrounded by the smell of fresh nature. 

2) Walking and Cycling Date

Although this may seem counter-productive, going on a walk is one of the best activities you can do on a date – Green or not. Walking gives you plenty of time to know each other and have deep talks. It also allows you to initiate the first touch, and if things go well, you can start the date as a stranger and return from the walk hand in hand as two people who feel in comfort with each other. The same goes for cycling, with the only difference being less focus on tough and more on communication. Add a natural background, and a walk and/ or cycling date is one of the best activities for a green date.

3) Join a Cleaning Initiative

What do two environment-friendly people share in common – a desire to clean the surroundings! And if the couple involved is active and in social programs, joining a cleaning initiative is one of the best green dating methods. Not only will this give plenty of opportunity to understand and know each other, but it also enables one to see the credibility of others’ concern for the environment. 

So the gist is

Green Dating is a type of dating where individuals select their match based interest in saving the environment. Besides this small niche, the rest of the process is essentially the same. Sure, there is an additional requirement in nearly everything involved, but it can easily be fulfilled. 

We hope you found this interesting. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: What is green dating?

A: Green dating is the dating process where the couple matches with each other based on their interest in environmental conservation and love for nature. 

Q: What are the most popular Green Dating Platforms?

A: Some of the most popular green dating apps are:

  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • Talk With Stranger
  • Indonesian Cupid
  • Caffmos

Q: What are the best ways to go on a Green Date?

A: Some of the best ways to go on a Green Date are:

  • Nature Picnic
  • Nature walk
  • Cycling
  • Cleaning Initiative
  • Natural Cafe Date

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