Having Problems In Your Long-Distance Relationship? Know What’s Causing It And How To Solve Them

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  • 07th Mar, 2021

Being in a relationship itself is a complicated thing and on top of it having a long-distance relationship adds more complexities. Even in a normal relationship, there are trust issues, misunderstandings, and other small things that cause coldness in the relationship and doubts about one another. When it comes to a long-distance relationship you are with one another just because of the trust that you have with that person. You can only hope to not get cheated on or have doubts about your partner because you never know what is happening in the other one's life. Therefore having faith and trust in one another is the most important thing in a long-distance relationship.

Whenever a problem arises in such a relationship it isn’t that hard to break up. Since you do not have much one on one communication in real life they do not feel that same attachment that they would have with a partner who is close to them in real life. People have that misconception but long-distance relationships can work too. Yes, it is hard to stay away from your loved one and not be able to spend and communicate as frequently as possible but with proper understanding, trust and faithfulness towards one another long-distance relationships can work out too. The problems can be avoided or sorted out as well.

Let’s look at some of the most common long-distance relationship problems along with a solution.

One of the biggest reasons for a couple in a long-distance relationship to break up is miscommunication. Communicate enough with your partner and keep it balanced. At times when you have any doubt or if you are feeling anything wrong in the relationship never hesitate to talk about it to your partner. You might have heard from someone that your partner was roaming around with someone else but you don’t ask him/her about it but just keep it within yourself. You keep it within yourself and pour it all out which makes the problem even bigger. Try solving the little problems and doubts if there are any otherwise such small doubts might be the reason for your breakup.

There is always someone waiting for you or your partner to become single and even if there isn’t someone you never feel good when your partner is getting much closer to someone else. Even if your partner does not have any wrong intention, you aren’t okay with someone making some extra favor for your partner and are annoyed by it. However everyone might not be trying to separate you two, therefore you should be able to differentiate between people who are kind to your close ones or are doing it such that he/she can be with your partner. Always share how you feel about someone getting extra close or if you feel anything wrong and clear it out.

Lack of trust
When you commit to being in a relationship with someone that you think you know well you need to trust one another. The only thing that’s holding your relationship is a thin string of trust. Either don’t be with someone who you can’t trust or if you think you can trust your partner and believe that he/she is never going to break your trust, don’t doubt. If there are doubts then never hesitate to talk about them with your partner. If you hold onto a grudge and keep it within you, that small grudge or doubt is going to grow up and become big enough to end your relationship therefore always be careful about the trust you have with one another.

Not having anything to talk about
Since you are in a long-distance relationship there are times when you spend hours speaking to one another on phone. Yes, you are going to miss your partner but that does not mean you pour out everything at one time. When you are in a relationship it does not mean that you need to give all your time to your significant one. Do not stay away for a long time but do not spill out everything at one time that you do not have anything left to talk about. It’s good to have a conversation talking about how your day was and explain the little details and moments or you can even have a proper conversation every few days. Don’t overdo it.

Not being able to give time
It is obvious that when you are in a long-distance relationship you are not going to get enough time to communicate or spend with one another and the couple needs to understand that. However, doing something special like making some time on weekends to watch a movie together, sending some gifts or letters to your loved one, or showing up surprisingly when possible can erase all those feelings of not being able to give enough time to one another.