How To Decrease Your Employee Turnover?

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  • 02nd Mar, 2021

The data from LinkedIn in 2017 showed that there is an employee turnover rate of about 10.9 percent. At a workplace, the Human Resource manager is also known as HR always is worried about retaining employees. Therefore from the day when a new employee is to be appointed at a workplace HR thoroughly observes that person and sees if that person will fit in the company. To not worry about your employees leaving after some time it is better to assess him or her properly on the day he or she steps into the office as an applicant in the interview. One thing after which new employees are more comfortable in the workplace is frankness. If HR is able to create a frank conversation and the other employees are frank and easy to communicate it’s always easy to create a good bond.

Making your employee turnover is not only about raising their salary and benefits but also about creating a bond and relationship between the co-workers as friends. Having a casual gathering or a small party every few times shall help your workers get closer to everyone and open up. Creating a comfortable and fun environment for the employees shall help them enjoy their work and not consider it a burden. In the workplace, people should not make someone feel alone. Although there might be people who prefer to stay away from the crowd there’s always something in common between two people. Staying in touch and just asking how someone is doing also makes people feel that they matter so don’t hesitate to say hi, help or praise someone.

Before getting into how to retain your employee’s let's discuss some of the reasons why employees leave.

1. Opportunities and less salary

According to a survey done by the Infrastructure and The Harris Poll, 77% of the employees feel like they are on their own to develop their careers at a company. When a company hires a person to work they should analyze their employee capacity and promote them according to their progress because if he or she finds a better job with good payment, there is no reason to stay back. Therefore the employer should analyze well the employee and make sure that person is satisfied with his or her post and payment according to their work. No one would want to feel undervalued so the HR and company management should make sure their employees are getting what they deserve.

2. Unhealthy work environment

The problem of an unhealthy work environment is solvable by firing the ones who are creating a problem in the workplace or creating strict rules at the workplace but sometimes firing someone or creating rules is not enough. If someone is not comfortable with the people around him or her then there is not much an employer can do to make them stay. One should try to avoid such problems in the workplace at first but even if something occurs then it needs to be addressed as soon as possible because a rotten apple can ruin the good ones.

3. Relocation or other personal reasons

Sometimes your employee is relocating to some other place because of his or her family or other problems. In such cases, one can convince or show opportunities and maybe give a reason to stay if you’re losing a good employee. This is something over which the employer does not have much control.

Now that we have discussed the factors that lead an employee to leave, lets us find out how to retain your employees:

1. Recognize your employee's ability

You should know the worth of your employee turnover and position him or her according to their ability and pay them accordingly. If he/she is doing good then giving a raise or declaring employee of the month is a good way to keep the employees motivated and make them stay.

2. Treat everyone equally

Don’t ever discriminate among your employees, treat everyone equally so that some do not feel that they are inferior to others. When an employee has a feeling of equality among his co-workers he/she can work better and feels better.

3. Keep aside some time for fun/recreation

Every once in a while break is necessary and having some gatherings or small parties shall help your employees stay rejuvenated.
Going out on weekends with your co-workers shall help create good bonding. Help your employees grow
Growth is what everyone seeks and while working you should help your employees grow. Find them the right benefits and show them the path to improve and also help them which shall help them have a vision that they will be able to find better opportunities.

4. Be transparent

One should always be transparent and open to their employees and not hide any crucial information so that your employees don’t lose trust from you.

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