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How to increase your IQ level?

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  • 04th May, 2021
Brain imagine structure above hand

How can IQ levels be enhanced? Well, with the right kind of intellectual education, it might be possible to increase your intelligence. Research suggests that some of the most important human intelligence capacities can be developed in different ways. IQ is a fixed thing: you test it and it tells you how clever you are. But it doesn't work like that; intelligence is much more fluid than it had ever been, and your brain is much more mobile than rigid. Neuroscientist now understands that adults are both better and worse in changing their IQ.

Here are a couple of ways to keep your trends right:

1) Play Chess:

For centuries, there's a reason why chess and royalty have been played. An intricate and complex game, it develops your ability to resolve problems, improves your concentration, and stimulates the brain on both sides. The corpus callus is the part of the brain connecting both hemispheres, and experts think that Einstein was particularly well developed because of its brilliance. Instead of just one or the other part, he could access his entire brain at the same time.

2) Read frequently:

How useful books are in the cognitive development of people is unnecessary. When books are part of parental relations, the benefits for development are even more pronounced than before. In a recent study, researchers found that the child had stronger language and cognitive skills when parents read to their children aloud.

3) Begin to meditate:

In innumerable studies meditation that lasts for only twenty minutes daily not only increases your mood and stress but also increases the efficiency of deeply cognitive treatment. This is central to fluid understanding and part of what helps you to be innovative. You would get smarter and lose absolutely no value in your life if you replaced Facebook's 20 minutes with 20 minutes of meditation using an application like Calm or HeadSpace.

4) New language learning:

Learning a foreign language causes your brain to grow according to neuroscience. Because you are navigating a new set of complex regulations, like grammar other than your native tongue, cortical thickening forces and the volume of your hippocampus increase. In plain language that means that you expand the language centers in the brain, which eventually helps you negotiate, read and resolve problems.

5) Activities to increase memory:

Memory activity can improve memory, reasoning, and linguistic abilities as well. In research studies, memory games were used to explore how memory relates to knowledge of language and objects. Reasoning and language are used as intelligence actions to allow for the development of memory activity. Memory training activities include:

a) Puzzle of Jigsaw

b) Puzzles Crossword

c) Card game or card matching Concentration

d) South Tryol



And this brings us to another cognitive potential: networking. Networking. What is great about the latter goal is that you probably already do that if you do the other four things. If not, begin soon. You expose yourself to the sort of situations that will make Objectives 1 to 4 much easier to achieve through networking with other people—either via social media such as Facebook or Twitter and in face-to-face interactions. You are opening up new opportunities for cognitive growth by exposing yourself to new people, ideas, and environments.

7) Good food for improved cognition:


You don't have any vitamin, protein, calcium, or iron deficiencies, which can affect your brain's strength with balanced, healthy dieting. There is also an intelligence relationship, and a vegetarian diet as a British study reveals that those with a higher IQ will tend later in their life to use vegetarianism. Vegetarians are associated with strong intellectual functioning and slower cognitive decline both as regards lifestyles and food choices. Consider choosing how you can improve your IQ.

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