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How to increase your IQ level?


How can IQ levels be enhanced? Well, with the right kind of intellectual education, it might be possible to increase your intelligent quotient. Research suggests that some of the most important human intelligence capacities can be developed in different ways.

A popular myth states, “IQ is a fixed thing: you know how intelligent you are after an IQ measure”. But the reality is often different from theoretical knowledge; intelligence is much more than some answers in a test. IQ tests are still valid for diagnosing mental health issues and learning disabilities. Because IQ level is simply a measure of someone’s intellectual potential, it can be enhanced through a wide range of methods, most of which are simply brain exercises to train your mind.

The better trained your mind is, the better your IQ score you have during IQ testing.

Following are some of the most popular ways to boost your IQ!

1) Play Chess

Play Chess to for better IQ

Chess is an extremely good game to boost your IQ. Back in the ending times, a form of Chess was used during war strategies, and the pieces of Chess still represent ancient war units such as knights and rooks. It is a good way to develop your ability to resolve problems, improve your concentration, and stimulate the brain on both sides.

In order to get good at this game, you need to have an extremely good pattern recognition capability and logical reasoning. Therefore playing this game is a decent way of improving your IQ. If Chess is too boring for you, you can play an even more complicated game called Shougi, which is essentially Japanese Chess with additional units.

2) Read frequently

Increase your IQ by reading frequently

There is an old saying that goes something like “reading is the gateway to intelligence” While it is not technically true, reading does provide you with information, and if you implement a few reading techniques into your reading, then you can retain a decent bit of information.

Among many aspects of having a good IQ, logical analysis and information are two major ones. Playing Chess was about improving logical reasoning, and reading was about gaining and retaining information. That said, in order to improve your IQ through reading, you do need to read relevant topics and information. Reading jokes will not improve your IQ.

3) Meditate

meditation for better IQ

Meditation is known to be extremely good for improving the cognitive function of your mind. The obvious benefit of meditation is that you can remain calm for a longer duration of time. Along with this, meditation is also one of the best ways to relax, cope with stress, and refocus.

On the flip side, it is also one of the best ways to introspect and find flaws within the smallest of things. When you combine both of these effects and learn how to meditate properly, you can both improve your logical reasoning and calm your mind down at the same time. Sometimes the key to improving your IQ is not to exercise but to relax your mind and take a breather. Meditation does this and more.

4) Learn new language

new language for improved IQ

Learning a foreign language causes your brain to grow, according to neuroscience, because you are navigating a new set of complex regulations, like grammar other than your native tongue, cortical thickening forces and the volume of your hippocampus increase. In plain language, that means that you expand the language centres in the brain, which eventually helps you negotiate, read and resolve problems.

While this doesn’t necessarily equate to higher IQ, it does mean that you will have more sources for information which is always good news. Along with that, learning a new language also helps your mind adjust better to a new environment which is always a bonus.

5) Memory Exercises

puzzles to increase IQ

Memory exercises are not just about improving your memory but also your reasoning and linguistic abilities. In research studies, memory games were used to explore how memory relates to knowledge of language and objects. Reasoning and language are used as intelligence actions to allow for the development of memory activity. some of the popular memory training activities include:

  • Puzzle of Jigsaw
  • Puzzles Crossword
  • Card game or card matching Concentration
  • South Tyrol

In order to excel at these games, you need to have a good memory and the ability to use the said memory appropriately and within reason. In essence, memory exercises are complete brain exercises and some of the best methods to increase your intelligence and intelligence quotient (IQ) score.


Networking to increase IQ

And this brings us to another cognitive potential: networking. Just about every introvert or socially awkward kid can tell you that communicating with people and building a good relationship is hard. You need to be mentally sharp, have decent reasoning skills, cognitive and situational awareness, and creative thinking. Along with this, networking requires EQ as well. Therefore, learning to create a good network is a good way to increase IQ.

You are opening up new opportunities for cognitive growth by exposing yourself to new people, ideas, and environments. Because of this, networking is also a good way to increase your fluid intelligence and information source.

7) Healthy activities


A healthy body is a home to a healthy mind. This old saying applies to just about anything related to IQ. The theory behind this is rather quite simple. If you are not physically healthy, your mental capacity will also decrease. This will severely restrict your fluid intelligence and IQ score.

Furthermore, you need to put in some effort to be healthy as well. This means that you will need to continuously make a conscious choice regarding your food choice and activity, which further helps in increasing your IQ.


The general gist of increasing your IQ to perform brain boosting activities and to have a healthy body. That said, while IQ is a good way to see the learning and intelligence potential of a human intelligence, it is by far not a decisive factor to determine someones intelligence.

IQ is useful to know if a person is mentally healthy or not as lower IQ generally means that the person is either extremely distressed, facing some mental issue , has some learning disability, or is having a hard time in his/her work life balance.

We hope you found this interesting. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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