How to reconnect after an argument with your partner?

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  • 18th Oct, 2020

Every couple has some sorts of arguments. Arguments are completely normal and they especially strengthen your relationships. However, arguments need to be done with healthy habits and opinions with yours partner. Conflict sometimes becomes more deteriorating when we become selfish and think only about ourselves. Therefore, it becomes much harder for a couple to recover from conflict. We feel hurt, embarrassed, anxious, and angry. 

Here are some tips to tell you how you need to reconnect after some major arguments:

1) Let yourself cool off

Sometimes we can do or say things that don’t mean. This is because anger, jealousy, stress damages the tissues of our brain. As a result, it minimizes our decision-making skills. This makes us more defensive due to which our partners are hurt. It is very difficult for a normal person to calm down during an argument. When someone says something hurtful, you both need to take a short break. The break will make you calm and gain regenerates the thinking capacity inside your brain. 

2) Realize you don’t have to be right

t is very hard to admit our mistake. People are not correct all the time. We often make mistakes and that is the process of learning. If you do not admit your mistake you will damage your relationship with your spouse, kids, friends, or even co-workers. This process is great for your mental health as well. The person who admits mistakes is comparatively stronger, clearer, and conscience. You will be humble and improve many other benefits that are good to carry out your day-to-day activities. 

3) Prove that you were listening

Conflicts often arise when the perceived expectations are not fulfilled. We usually have more expectations from our partners than with others. Therefore, it is very important to have healthy competition with partners. You need to understand what are the expectations of your partner and how can we move forward. The best way to do this is by proving that you have listened. Try to grow actively and be better with your actions. This makes your partner feel that you were listening to their needs. This often shows your willingness to accommodate them. The affirmation is very powerful in re-built your relationship. 

4) Spend some time together:

Fights make your emotions raw. You may feel disconnected from each other. It is very important to schedule a couple of times together so that you can reconnect. Plan a date night or a romantic evening where you both can share your feelings and emotions. Spend a few moments to discuss where your conflict was heading. Every couple has some misunderstanding. It depends on how we take them and what steps we put forward to solve the issues. If we want to strengthen our relationships, we need to take conflict, tackle them, and grow from them to strengthen our bond. 

5) Look into couple’s therapy

Many couples assume that couple therapy is often taken when both the partners are on the edge of divorce. However, the reality is different. Healthy marriages can even take many benefits from couple therapy. Preventing issues is far easier than repairing damages. There is also an old saying “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago”. The next finest time to do so is now. 

Are you even tired of day-to-day conflicts with your partner? Try these methods to help strengthen your relationships. Relationships are variable and you need to conduct them daily. Further, compromises are essential from both sides to enjoy a healthier relationship that could support you during hard times.