How to Settle an Issue After the Argument?


Argument; No matter how careful we become or try, we will have some arguments in many places of life. Whether in our relationship with our partner, family, friends, co-workers, or even strangers, we can have an argument with anyone. With the right mindset, an argument can be helpful sometimes because it shows the strengths and weaknesses of people and helps people know what is wrong and right.

Every human being is unique, has a different view, and is in a different state of mind. So, it is normal for people to have a different opinions and end up arguing. Sometimes people make mistakes in their life, but instead of committing the mistake, they argue about it and make things worse. People should always try to settle an argument instead of creating one.

The argument doesn’t just happen because of mistakes, though. Sometimes, arguments can happen just because of a difference in opinions. But can you do anything to settle an argument with your partner, friend or loved one? Is making repair attempts worth the effort? Let’s find out! 

Do’s and Don’ts during an argument

If you made a mistake commit it and apologize

Instead of apologizing for the mistake they made, people continue arguing. Arguing makes it worse. Therefore do not pretend it did not happen and try not to repeat the same mistake. What’s done is done already, but you can make things better or at least less bad, so do apologize and try to solve the problems that started the argument.

Do not makeup things and lie

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To make up for the mistakes they made, people lie. They think they can get away with a lie and win the argument, but you should remember that what goes around comes around. Eventually, someday the truth will come out, creating bigger issues, so do not makeup things just to get away or win the argument.

Don’t continue to punish the other person

When someone has made a mistake and if they have apologized, take some time and let go. If they have done or said something you can never forgive, it is better to stay away from that person and let go. Some do the silent treatment not because they don’t know what to do but because they think it’s a way of punishing. Some go further by throwing passive-aggressive behaviours to rub salt on the wound. If you can, try to sort it out if you can’t end up on good terms.

Now we know that arguments are inevitable; we should know what to do and how to do it so that the same issues do not repeat.

How to settle the issue?

Figure out the moral of the story of the argument

The fixation on the problem starts with understanding what caused the argument. Turn the clock backward and find out the cause of the problem. Also, know what the other person thinks. After the argument, you will know about the likes and dislikes of that person and what kind of perception he or she has. It is a good time to know that person and understand what to do and what not to do in the coming days.

Adopt the right mindset

Many people think of ending the relationship or staying on bad terms after an argument which only deteriorates the situation. Therefore remain calm and think about it instead. Do value what the other person is saying and try to understand them. If the argument was because of a misunderstanding, try to gather proof to make him or her believe in you.

Communicate properly

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After the argument, people tend to cut off communications or try to minimize it. It is a time when you should communicate the most to cut off misunderstandings and solve problems. Listen to one another, and take responsibility if you have done anything wrong.

If you two can’t settle it, find a mediator

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There might be times when you feel like not talking or even seeing the other person. At such times seek help from a mutual friend or someone who knows you two well. Even in normal situations, having a mediator will help to look at the problem from a different perspective to help solve it.

Look around for help; internet, friends, or experts

Sometimes there might be easy solutions to the problems that you are having, but you might be unaware of them. According to your choice and preference, you can anonymously or openly share your problem or lookup for it so that you can solve it.

Sometimes letting go is the best option

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Not all argument needs to be fixed. Sometimes, arguments with your partner or the issues that led to the argument might not be forgivable, and repair attempts are just small nails on a cracked building. Trying to adjust and fix such times might bring other problems in the future. Therefore, if parting ways is the best option, do consider it, even if you are just about to marry that person.


The process of settling an argument or settling an issue can be hard. This is an emotional problem, and whenever emotions get involved, things get a lot more complicated than they should. In simple terms, there is no single answer to how to settle an argument or settle an issue after an argument. It will all depend on where you are emotionally and the specific circumstances, The ones we mentioned here are just the general gist of how to do so. 

Regardless of the case, you need to remember that sometimes it is indeed better to move on and let go rather than make repair attempts. 

We hope you found it helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end!

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