Humans Prone to Obesity

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  • 26th Feb, 2021

Humans are being more prone to obesity because of the improved lifestyle they are living nowadays.

In data collected in 2016 by the World Health Organization(WHO), almost 1.9 billion adults aged 18 and over were found to be overweight of which about 650 million adults were Obese. Obesity has been a huge concern for a lot of people these days. Some time ago people weren’t concerned about their health. Nowadays the issues are also increasing because many factors lead to obesity. And because of obesity other problems are being created. Generally, if someone has a healthy lifestyle. The only way he or she can have the problem of obesity is due to genetics. However, nowadays some people have habits of overeating. The kind of food they consume is full of carbohydrates, fat, and oil.

For Eating Habits

Besides the eating habits of food, some people spend all their day in front of their computer or phone screens. Do nothing causing physical inactivity which in turn again leads to obesity. The kind of medications people uses or other diseases. As hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome, and Cushing's syndrome also leads to Obesity. Since many factors are leading to obesity it is not that hard for someone to have it. Instead, it would be better to say, it is hard for someone to not suffer from obesity.

The kind of lifestyle that the people in this era are following is a great contributor to this problem. People are less physically active since they roam travel in vehicles. They don’t have time to go out for a walk or exercise. They have a busy life due to the work they do. Even if they have time people are busy with their smartphones and computers rather than involving in some physical activity. Someone who has a habit of eating a lot can counter the effect by involving in more physical work but most of the people are lazy. They order some fast food that tastes good, sit back on their couch eat it and lie down.

People Lifestyle & Obesity

Since the issues have gotten more serious and widespread people are starting to be more aware of them. People are now a bit more concerned about it and are questioning the kind of food they consume and the lifestyle they are living. There are more gyms, fitness instructors, health personnel, and other people who are seeing the problem as a business opportunity. This has helped people become more aware and give them more options to choose a suitable one to help them fix their obesity or not have a problem at all.

Although obesity has been more relative to health and body. It has a negative impact on the life of the person who has it. People say accept everybody type but when it comes to being more practical. Many would always prefer a healthier person above an obese person when it comes to making friends. Not to say that people with obesity aren’t capable but as we know the first impression. The last impression and your appearance play a big role in whatever you do. Obesity not only creates health problems but psychologically affects you and the events in your life.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention Facts

According to the CDC just losing about 5-10 percent of excess body fat can bring significant health benefits. It is frustrating and difficult to lose weight but for someone to not worry about losing. One can live a simple and healthy life by monitoring their food habits and by doing some light exercises. It is better to prevent the problem before it appears. So instead of worrying about how to fix obesity one must live a healthy lifestyle by keeping an eye on. The foods that one consumes and a bit of exercise.

How to treat Obesity?

-Dietary changes
Eating more green vegetables, fruits containing high fiber, and avoiding junk food shall help treat obesity.

-Physical activity

The more activity you do, the more calories you will burn. Walking briskly, swimming, using stairs instead of the elevator can be some simple things that will help one burn more calories. Doing simple chores like gardening, household work, or walking the dog for about 60-90 minutes in a week according to the CDC shall help in losing weight too.

-Using medication or surgery or Hormonal treatment

Going the way of the following medication, doing surgery or treatment is the easier way but it can have further complications and bring more problems. It is an option but it would be better not to go this way unless extreme situations.

The best thing to do would be always to try to avoid it in the first place. Even if you get it, it is better to try to solve it the natural way by controlling eating habits and increasing activity.

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