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Is AI going to end the human race?

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  • 23rd Feb, 2021
artificial intelligence

AI: English Mathematician Alan brought the first concept of Artificial intelligence in 1950 Turing. He published a computing machinery and intelligence titled paper and many years later the word Artificial Intelligence came up.

Robots and AI have brought a lot of efficiency and ease to the huge industry. They are replacing many humans. Alan Turing introduced the concept of AI but the first Artificial Intelligence program came out later in December of 1955. Herbert Simon and Allen Newell were the ones who developed the Logic Theorist. The program proved mathematical theorems.

About 21st Century Humanoid Robot.

The concept of AI has come a long way and now humans have even developed an artificial human being, Sophia.

David Hanson invented her from Hanson Robotics, Hong Kong in 2016. They even granted her the nationality of Saudi Arabia, making her the first robot ever to have a nationality. We can see that there are voice assistants like Google, Siri, Cortana Bixby, and Alexa. They are software based on Artificial Intelligence. It has developed them after collecting years of data from normal people.

Programmers who have developed some kind of thinking inside them to analyze and answer questions and do tasks. They can help us find quick answers and do simple tasks like calling someone with voice commands. They aren’t capable enough to think themselves when it comes to answers something analytically. The main thing that AI and robots lack is thinking of their own. They can only be given specific instructions and tasks but they cannot think of something new on their own.

Interesting Words

A decade ago if someone talked about Artificial Intelligence then people would laugh about it. They thought it was not possible but now AI is used in many places. Like in our phones, automobiles, houses, computers, and other machines. Although humans think that they understand what AI is. It is a broad term and has been widening day by day. With new advancements going on.

The robots with AI used in large-scale industries are capable of doing simple tasks. Like assembling and lifting and detecting defective products but they can malfunction. If there an error in the system it might not detect which in the case of humans does not occur. Humans know when they can’t work if they made a mistake. If a machine makes a mistake then that mistake is seen by a human. Strategy, content creation, management, and creativity are something that can’t simply be programmed into a computer.

The uniqueness that humans possess is something that is irreplaceable no matter how advanced the machines and Artificial Intelligence get. There might be a high number of people whose work might be done by robots. AI is more efficient and faster. People think they understand what AI but Stephen Hawking told BBC that, “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of humans. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete, and would be superseded.”

ai human hand and robot hand

Some Words from Experts

With comments from people like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Gary Scott on the contrary side saying that AI is likely to bring a problem to humans. Some even say that AI is going to end human civilization. We have seen movies like I, Robot, and Terminator. How dangerous robots with AI can get and the destruction they can cause.

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way there’s a lot of room for improvement because the AI that we have around can barely think on its own.

For speed and efficiency, humans might not even think about competing with them, but for learning and new innovations, machines can’t compete with humans.

For muscle work robots and AI are much better which is why Gabriel Dalporto has said that “A billion people will lose their jobs over the next 10 years because of AI, and COVID has sped up that by about nine years,” says Dalporto.

“If you tried to re-skill a billion people in the university system, you would break the university system.”

There is news that over 7 million Australians job is going to be replaced by augmented robots and artificial intelligence in the next 15 years according to the Australian Computer Society.

Yes, there are some jobs that robots with AI might replace but for monitoring, innovation, creativeness, and human resource management kinds of stuff machines can ’t simply replace it.

AI and robots shall help humans live an easier life and enhance it, but it can never come above humans made because of AI and robots.