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Know to Balance Your Work & Life

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  • 19th Mar, 2021
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It is challenging for a lot of people to balance between their work and personal life. Because most of the time our work takes precedence over everything else in our lives. Sometimes when we are trying to succeed in our professional life. We are somehow pushing aside our well-being and our relationships. It is considered tough to create a harmonious work-life balance. While doing so it is not only about our being conscious about our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. But also for the sake of doing well at work and in our personal life.

Since we already know that balancing our work-life is tough. We should be able to accept that there is not any ideal work-life balance. Sometimes you have to choose one and sometimes the other one. We might make plans and schedules to give enough time at work. And also with family and friends but it does not always go as you plan. So, below we will be discussing why balance in work-life is important and how to create a balance in work-life.

Importance of work-life balance

Work-life balance is needed to create equilibrium in our personal and professional life. It enables us to give equal priority to both sides. There are some things that lead to poor work-life balance that creates problems for us. Longer working hours increased responsibilities at home; children and increased responsibilities at work are some of the reasons that create instability in our work-life. According to Chris Chancey, CEO and career exert at Amplio Recruiting a good work-life balance helps to reduce stress, burnout and create wellbeing in a person’s life. Employers who can support work-life balance are likely to save on costs, have lesser absentees, and have a more loyal and productive workforce.

Employers and employees should together create a schedule that is best for them. So that the employee can achieve balance in personal life and at work. It is more about having the flexibility to get things done in our personal life. Also having energy and time to enjoy our personal life. It is not just dividing your time equally between them. According to time and situation, you might need more or less. There might be days when you might have to spend more time with other people. Have some time to enjoy than working and vice versa. So you should be able to balance between them according to the time and situation.

Ways to create a better work-life balance

Do the job that you love

If you are working at a place where you do not enjoy your work. You will not be doing well at it and at the same time. You won’t have enough time to enjoy it. If your work is draining you already then find something that you are passionate about. Sometimes people are working in a toxic environment for a toxic person. Doing a job that you do not enjoy then it is time to find a new one.

Prioritize your health

Your health is the most important thing therefore overall physical, emotional, and mental health should the thing that you should keep as a main concern. Take therapies if you are suffering from anxiety and depression. Even if you have to leave your work or cut off a task from your schedule do it. When you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.

Take a Vacation

You should not be afraid to unplug from your everyday busy schedules. Sometimes even creating a balance is not enough, at such times. Getting me time and taking a vacation can help you rejuvenate and work better when you are back. While doing so, it is not only about getting a longer vacation but being able to take time off to recharge physically and mentally. According to a study conducted by the State of American Vacation 2018 by the U.S Travel Association. It was found that 52% of the employees had unused vacation days leftover at the end of the year. They think that taking time off work is going to disrupt. The workflow and fear the backlog of work when they return. To take a much-needed break one should not be afraid.

Make time for your loved ones and yourself too

No matter how important your work is. It is you and your loved ones in your life therefore one should prioritize the hobbies and activities which make you happy. Deliberate action is required to achieve a work-life action so firmly plan for personal time. So that you will not have to worry about not getting time for things other than work. Just because you are busy at work does not mean you can’t make time for your loved ones, find time to spend with them as well.

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