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The world is a big place, and there are many nations in the world. Given the vast size and more than 200 nations worldwide, it should be obvious that some nations are visited more than others. But, like there are nations that are visited more than others, there are also nations that are visited the least. 

We have already talked about the most visited nations in the world along with the most visited religious destination in the world. So if you want to know more about them, you can give it a read. Here we will talk about the other side of this coin, i.e., the least visited nations in the world. 

10 Least Visited Nations in the world

Although the least visited nations have some of the best views, architecture, and facilities, very few people visit them. That said, a decent number of people still visit even the least visited nations in the world. However, the visitors per annum range from a few hundred to a few thousand. Compared to tens of millions of visitors on the other side of the spectrum, a few thousand is indeed an extremely low number. So, what are these nations? 

Well, let’s get started with the list. 

Side note: We will not be covering the nations that do not accept visitors or are too dangerous for visitors like North Korea and Somalia. They deserve a separate article of their own. The nations mentioned in this list are safe for tourists but still have few visitors. 

1) Nauru 

Least Visited Nation
Source: ABC
  • Total Population: 10,989
  • Visitors Per Annum: 200
  • Attractions: 
    • Any bare Bay
    • Buada Lagoon
    • Mocha Well
    • Command Ridge
    • Central Plateau 

Nauru is one the smallest pacific nation in the world and holds the top spot for the least visited country in the world. This island nation only has annual visitors of 200 people per year. This is indeed as low as visitors one nation can get, but it is also understandable. However, this island nation has some of the most breathtaking views, the activities for you. 

2) Tuvalu 

  • Total Population: 12,144
  • Visitors Per Annum: 3,600
  • Attractions: 
    • Funafuti
    • Fongafale
    • Vikaku Stadium
    • Funafala
    • Nanumea
    • Vaitapu

Tuvalu is one of the world’s least visited nations, with some justifications for the low tourism. Tuvalu is a remote nation, and accessibility is an issue. That said, Tuvalu is an island paradise and is perfect if you want to take a break from everyday life. Besides the attractions mentioned above, you can do exclusive activities such as diving and discovering ancient human life. 

3) Kiribati 

  • Total Population- 121,300
  • Visitors Per Annum- 1200
  • Attractions:
    • Makin Island
    • Aranyaka Island
    • Tarawa
    • Kiritimati
    • Butaritari
    • Tabuaeran

Kiribati is another one of the worlds least visited country that is an island surrounded by pristine beaches and calming ambiance. Tourism in this nation is still in its infancy so the low number of visitors is somewhat within expectations. That said, with decent infrastructure, great ambience and rich history, this is a nation that is worth your visit. 

4) Marshall Islands

  • Total Population 41,700
  • Visitors Per Annum: 6,100
  • Attraction:
    • Bikini Atoll
    • Arno Atoll
    • Alele Museum and Public Library 
    • Cathedral of the Assumption
    • Mauro Bridge
    • Maloelap Atoll

Marshall Island is a nation formed from scattered atolls and remote atolls. This nation is well popular for calm beaches, pristine seaside views, and tons of diving opportunities. Marshall Islands is also one of only four atolls in the world and is among the youngest nations, gaining it’s independence only n 1986. 

5) Micronesia

Least Visited Nation
Source: State Magazine
  • Total Population 562,027
  • Visitors Per Annum: 19,200
  • Attraction:
    • Nan Madol
    • Chuuk Lagoon
    • Kepirohi Waterfall
    • Paipalap
    • Ant Atoll
    • Noch

This nation is made of four states spread across the western pacific ocean with a total of 607 islands. Like Tuvalu, Micronesia is island heaven, perfect for a gateway vacation. That said, unlike Tuvalu, it is fairly easy to visit Micronesia. Micronesia is a nation of pristine beaches and calm seaside relaxation. 

6) São Tomé

  • Total Population:228,998
  • Visitors Per Annum: 33,400
  • Attractions: 
    • Saint Nicholas Waterfall
    • Cao Grande Peak
    • Praia Dos Tamrindos
    • Praia Jale
    • Lagola Azul
    • Rolas Island

If you have not heard of São Tomé, you would not be the only one. This is a small nation floating near the Gulf of Guinea. São Tomé is a nation that is a perfect combination of jungle and beach. Abundant with natural beauty and filled with activities to do, São Tomé is an underrated tourist destination and worth visiting for anyone. 

7) Comoros

  • Total Population: 914,438
  • Visitors Per Annum:45,100
  • Attractions:
    • Chomoni Beach
    • Bondi Beach
    • Mount Karthala
    • Nioumachoua Beach
    • National Museum of Comoros 
    • Ntingui Mountain

Although this small nation does not have the most stable politics, Comoros is safe for tourists and is a fresh breath for anyone seeking a beach paradise with modern luxury. Comoros is a member of the African Union with mixed culture comprised of African Natives and Malay and Arab descendants. So, if you want a day off from everyday life and want a beach visit but still have access to modern amenities, then Comoros is the nation for you. 

8) Djibouti

  • Total Population:1,022,768
  • Visitors Per Annum: 53,000 
  • Attractions:
    • Lac’Assal
    • Mosquee Al-Hamoudi
    • Khor Ambado Beach
    • Parking Place Menelik
    • Day Forest National Park
    • Moucha Island

The landscape of Djibouti is weird. This nation, tucked between Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia, is home to the lowest point in Africa and the third lowest in the world. Because of this geography, Djibouti has volcanos, hot springs, rock canyons, and the best beaches and coastlines. The fact that Djibouti is on this list of the worlds least visited countries means that the tourism potential of this nation is massively underrated. 

9) Sierra Leone

  • Total Population:8.141 Million
  • Visitors Per Annum: 71,000
  • Attractions: 
    • Freetown
    • Bunce Island
    • Banana Island
    • Turtle Islands
    • Toekh

Sierra Leone is all about the empty beaches and calm holiday under the palm trees. At the same time, this nation is also about the rainforests along with heritage as well. In fact, this nation has everything you could ever need for a perfect vacation and with a bit of exposure, the number of visitors can easily rise. 

10) Liechtenstein

Source: Get By Bus
  • Total Population: 38,392
  • Visitors Per Annum:99,890
  • Attractions:
    • Vaduz
    • Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
    • Gutenberg Castle
    • Liechtenstein National Museum
    • Triesenberg’s Culinary Delights
    • Schellenberg

If you think that the name of this nation sounds German, it is because the national language of this nation is German. This nation is rather small, with an area of just a bit over 158 Square kilometers. This small nation still has much natural beauty, castles, and forts. With nearly 100 thousand visitors annually, this nation still has the capacity for more tourism. It is one of the worlds Least Visited Nation in with unused tourism potential.  

This Caribbean island is a hidden gem among the worlds least visited nation. Dominica is a nation with a volcanic landscape along with rainforest. Here, you can engage in many natural activities like hikes, snorkeling, and visiting the boiling lakes near the volcanos. That said, this is an underdeveloped nation. 

Honorable Mentions 

Besides the ones we mentioned here, some other world’s least visited nations are:

1) Dominica

  • Total Population: 72,418
  • Visitors Per Annum: 140,000
  • Attractions: 
    • Trafalgar Falls
    • Morne Trois Pitons National Park
    • Champagne Reef
    • Boiling Lake
    • Cabrits National Park
    • Titou Gorge

2) Eritrea

  • Total Population: 6.81 Million
  • Visitors Per Annum: 142,000
  • Attractions: 
    • Fiat Tagliero
    • Catthedra our lady of rosary
    • Enda Mariam Orthodox Cathedral
    • Medebar Market
    • Khulafa Al-Rashidun Mosque

3) Moldova

  • Total Population: 2.57 Million
  • Visitors Per annum: 174,000
    • Stephen the Great Central Park
    • Dendrarium Park
    • Cathedral of Christ’s Nativity
    • Cricova

4) St Vincent and Grenadines

  • Total Population: 111,269
  • Visitors Per annum: 392,000
  • Attractions: 
    • Petit Saint Vincent
    • Palm Island
    • Kingstown
    • Botanical Gardens
    • Union Island
    • Fort Charlotte

In the end,

There are over 200 nations in the world, and among these nations, the ones mentioned here are indeed some of the world’s least visited nations. Although the number of visitors per annum reaches 140 hundred thousand near the end of this list, it is still far less compared to the most visited nations, which can easily reach up to tens of millions per annum.

We hope you found this interesting. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.


Q: What are the least visited nations of the world?

A: The least visited nation in the world is Nauru. 

Q: Why should you go to the least-visited countries in the world? 

A: The least visited countries in the world are home to some of the best landscapes. Although some of these nations are remote and lacking in modern facilities, they are worth the visit purely for their aesthetic and undiscovered beauty. 

Q: Where Is The World’s Least Visited Country?

A: The world’s last visited nation is Nauru, one of the smallest pacific nations in the world. 

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