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Microsoft just announced that its tool for AI reading lessons is now a standalone app. This tool, Reading Couch, has been a web app for a while now. However, now, you can download this tool and use it as a standalone app.

The tool uses artificial intelligence to provide users with a personalized score based on several metrics. Furthermore, the app also suggests to the users how to improve their reading scores and specific suggestions regarding skills such as pronunciation. This tool is free to download and can easily be accessed through the Microsoft Store. Furthermore, you do not need to make a separate account for using this app. All you need to do is log in to your Microsoft account, and you can access the account from there.

Although the app has just launched, the web version has been out there for a while. Therefore, this application already has a steady user base. Users of this app can integrate this program into the classroom through learning platforms starting in spring. However, you can install the preview of this app right now through the Microsoft app store.

Key Features of MSFT Reading Coach

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Before using Microsoft’s tool for AI reading, you should know some of the features of this application. Well, as its name suggests, the key aspect of this application is to improve the reading ability of its users. Therefore, the key feature of this app revolves around the same concept. Some of its key features are as follows.

AI-Powered Learning

One of the key features of MSFT Reading Coach is its ability to leverage artificial intelligence (AI). This tool delivers personalized feedback to you based on your performance. This allows you to improve your reading scores and pronunciation. Furthermore, this AI also identifies words that you frequently misspell and misunderstand during long reading sessions. This further helps you in improving your reading capability. Furthermore, you can actively engage with the tools by selecting prompts that alter the storyline as you progress through the program. This AI-integrated feature makes each experience unique.

Teacher Integration and Accessibility

Although this feature is not exactly launched yet, Microsoft is actively working to assist teachers in integrating this application into their classrooms and lessons. Integration with learning management systems such as Canvas is in progress. This form of intuitive integration is said to be available in late spring this year.

Expanded Features for Education Platforms

Along with AI Integration and teacher accessibility, the MSFT Reading Coach also has additional features for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Reflect. These features will be accessible from the spring of this year. Furthermore, you can implement these features without any extra cost. These features include efficient content generation, comprehension questions, assignment instruction and more.

In the upcoming spring, this application is also said to launch the classwork feature in Team that is structured to help teachers manage their curriculum. This includes aspects such as assignments, files, links, and notebook pages.

Besides the ones we mentioned here, some other features of Reading Coach are as follows:

  • Personalized Practice
  • Customized Feedback
  • Reading Reports
  • Reading Out Loud

How to use MSFT Reading Coach?

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Now that you know the features of MSFT Reading Coach, let’s talk about the process of using this reading coach. The Step-by-step process of using a reading coach is as follows:

  • Open Reading Coach Preview
  • Select one of the options
  • The options are as follows
  • Create a story using AI
  • Read a Passage
  • Add a Passage
  • Choosing your reading level
  • Allow Microphone (Optional)
  • Click on Start Reading
  • Stop once you have read all of the passage.
  • Analyze your score

Practice Words

word practice of MSFT reading coach - stand alone app

Once you complete the reading session, the result may suggest words you may need to practice. To continue with practicing words, you should do the following:

  • Click on Practice words
  • Select the words you would like to practice
  • Listen to the world and click on a record to practice your pronunciation.

As you can see from this, frequently using a reading coach can improve reading skills by a lot. As a teacher, implementing this application into your classroom activity can enhance the reading capacity of your students significantly.

Furthermore, you can also see your achievements and history.


Microsoft’s tool for AI reading lessons is now a standalone app. While the app is still in its preview stages, it shows exciting opportunities and promises. After using this app, you get personalized real-time feedback and work on your reading skills. Furthermore, this app has an intuitive UI that makes it easy to use. Additionally, MSFT Reading Coach also has additional features for Teams and Microsoft Reflect, which will soon be available in spring this year. Needless to say, once the full version of this app is launched, it will help teachers globally to enhance their students’ reading abilities.

We hope you found this helpful. If you want further insights into the world of tech, do check out some of our other blogs. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

FAQ on Microsoft Reading Coach

Is Microsoft reading coach free?
Yes, absolutely. Microsoft Reading Coach is free, and you can access it using your Microsoft account.

How does an MSFT Reading Coach work?
The reading coach works by recording the reading sessions and providing feedback based on the pronunciation and reading speed of the user using AI.

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