7 Most Endangered Animals in Nepal


Nepal, the landlocked country with beautiful creatures is the home to the most endangered animals in the world. The country is blessed with the ecological environment maintained by these creatures. We should not only protect these rare animals but also promote them at an international level.

While these animals are within the legal protection from the government, the increment of human settlement around their native habitat has turned many of the native animal population into vulnerable species. 

Therefore, it is not only our need but rather our duty to protect these endangered species of Nepal. 

Some of the most endangered animals of Nepal are: 

1. One Horned Rhinoceros

One Horn Rhinoceros-Most Endangered Animals in Nepal

The animal weighs two and a half metric tons. It has its distinctive single horn and skin that resembles armor plating. Today, wild rhinos are no more than in 2000. The greater one-horned rhinos are listed as vulnerable in the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) list. Much of the wild population remains scattered and fragmented. They travel from here to there in search of better food and shelter. More than 600 rhinos can be found in Chitwan National Park of Nepal

2. Bengal Tiger

Tiger-Most Endangered Animals in Nepal

The Bengal Tiger is considered one of the super-stars of Nepal. They once roamed the entire lowland of Terai. In the year of 1950s when Malaria was eradicated, people moved to these areas for cultivation. In this way, the number of Bengal Tigers reduced significantly. According to the census of 2018, only 235 of these tigers remain in the country. Most of them are found in Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park. Some of them are also at Bardia National Park, Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, and many more. Tigers have been managed and villagers are provided awareness on how to co-exist with them. Such steps are vital for their protection. 

3. Asian Elephant

Elephant and baby Elephant drinking water-Most Endangered Animals in Nepal

They are the largest of all mammals in Nepal. These elephants comprise an integral part of Nepalese culture and history. Asian elephants played a considerable role in beasts of burden. A estimated that there are around 100 to 170 wild elephants in Nepal, spread across four areas in the Terai. The Government has established five sheltered reserves as well as an elephant procreation facility at Khorsor. However, their situation remains critical. The conflict between humans and animals is not good at all. It is the major cause of their extinction. Fields and human settlements have taken much of the area where they roam. 

4. Gharial

Gharial-Most Endangered Animals in Nepal

It is one of the most endangered crocodile species of Nepal. Their eggs are collected for medicine. They are heavily hunted and hampered by river pollution. At once, they were about to disappear. However, the government launched breeding at Chitwan National Park. The number has slightly increased to a few hundred. They are at a critical phase as an egg. Therefore, newly laid eggs are collected and brought to the breeding center at Kasar. It is believed that due to river flow 70% of the released gharial cross into India. 

5. Pangolin

Pangolin-Most Endangered Animals in Nepal

Pangolins are those mammals that are completely covered in scales. Sadly, they are the most trafficked animals in the world. Their scales have highly prized in Chinese medicine. Therefore, people usually make them a poaching target. Nepal is home to two species of pangolin. One of them is the Chinese pangolin. IUCN is listed on the critically endangered list. The other is the Indian pangolin which is also an endangered species. The government of Nepal has protected both species with strict rules and regulations. There are a huge fines and jail for those caught killing, poaching, transporting, selling, or buying them. Still, Nepal remains a hot spot for the smuggling of pangolin.

6) Snow Leopard 

Most Endangered Animals in Nepal- snow leopard

Snow Leopard, is found in the mountainous regions of Mugu, Mustang, Humla, and Dolpo. We know it for its smoky grey fur coat covered with dark grey spots. It weighs around 35-55 kg and grows up to 1.8 to 2.3 meters. This Animal is among the endangered species because they poach it for its pones and pelts that are used for making medicines. Similarly, skin and fur are used as luxury items. Besides these, the effect of global warming and inference of human activities have affected the number of Snow Leopard.

That said, you should not confuse the snow leopard with another protected species of Nepal; the clouded Leopard. Clouded leopards are the smaller, jungle-dwelling cousins of the snow leopards whose habitat is in the mountain regions. . 

7) Red Panda 

Red-panda Most Endangered Animals in Nepal

The red panda is found in the temperate Himalayan forests of Western Nepal and higher in southwestern China’s mountain slopes. The red panda is a mostly herbivorous mammal that eats bamboo. Red pandas are unlike the large black and white pandas as they look like raccoons. They weigh up to 6kg and are about 50-63 cm in length when fully grown. They spend most of their time in the trees. This species is endangered due to the loss of habitat caused by deforestation and clearance for land, fuel, and timber.


The Government of Nepal provides detailed information on the Protected area, protected species, and where are these endangered animals found. Therefore, we should be careful not to encroach further on the habitat of these vulnerable species and save these unique animals of Nepal.

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