Organizational Transparency |Way to Achieve and their Major Roles

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  • 03rd May, 2021

In various sectors like science and engineering, business, and humanities, the term transparency refers to the fact that all the actions taken are very clear and seen through.

Let’s say you are doing a transaction for an organization. Then, all the details performed during the transactions should be very open and accountable to every other concerned people. This makes everything transparent. Such transparency, which practiced in an organization generally known as Organizational Transparency. Transparency is the most important factor in any organization because it makes everything accountable and justifiable.

Organizational Transparency

The process of sharing all sorts of information- either positive or negative among all the employees. The more information you share, the more the employees feel appreciated and motivated, leading to the growth of an organization. Organizational transparency creates an open and respectful environment among employees and the management teams, generates trust, eventually leading to a successful and stable business.

The role of every employee transparent then they feel secure and motivated to work. Transparency makes workers confident about their position in any organization. Without transparency, certain doubts or uncertainties arouse among employees. This causes a certain setback on the business, people will start to question the management and their decisions, the relationship between management and employees is demeaned, which is the last thing you want in your organization.

How can you Achieve Transparency in the Organizational Workplace?

Let’s talk about some of the tips that could lead to transparency in a workplace:

Be on the same page:

Either it’s the CEO, the management, or employees, everyone in the organization should be on the same page for the success of the organization. The long-term goals, missions depend on it. When everyone on the same page, common goals can be set and everyone will work to achieve them with mutual understanding avoiding any kinds of hindrance and communication gaps.

Trust and respect:

Any kind of valuable and important news should be shared among concerned authorities. This generates trust among employees and they feel secure about their management skills. Employees will feel respected and in turn, shows their respect to the organization. Sometimes the management keeps secrets about negative news among employees, generating trust issues.

Open Communication:

One of the best ways to create work transparency is to have open and regular communication between upper management and employees. This includes sharing important news, business ideas, compliments, feedback, etc. It is essential that employees feel comfortable to share their thoughts to the upper level which is possible through open-minded regular communication.


Giving feedbacks and compliments to employees on a regular basis increases productivity and quality. Similarly, employees should also feel free to give their opinion on management skills. This increases the open conversation between employees and management. Sharing positive and negative news, standing together during ups and down, increases trust and productivity.

Advantages of Transparency in an Organizational Workplace?

Some Noteworthy advantages include:

Strengthen Workspace Environment:

When there is work transparency, then the cultural communication and collaboration between employees and management teams increase leading to a strong working environment. If will gain the trust of employees when you trust them as well, if you trust them they will respect you and the work they are doing. Transparency increases work satisfaction and make the workspace very strong.

More Employee Engagement:

When there is good transparency then employees know more about the business and their engagement will be higher. It makes a lot of difference if employees know what they are doing and what the exact goals are when management does not keep secrets about the organization's missions and valuable news.
More employee engagement means, increase in the quality of work and an increase in communications. More the communication, the greater the atmosphere to work on. It will be easy to give and take feedbacks if the communication and engagement among managers and employees established firmly.

Communication Improvement:

Organizations can come into various troubles from time to time. In order to solve them, there should be proper communication between management and employees. Proper communication can be established through transparency at work. When there is transparency, there is good communication and this will help solve when complicated topics will elegance.

Customer Relation Improvement:

When their good transparency then employees feel appreciated by the organization and they want to give back. They also feel secure and motivated to contribute to the organization. This increases the relation between employees and customers. When employees respect the organization they want to improve the quality they are providing to customers.

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