Cell phone with letter engineering career

How to gain professional success in an Engineering career?

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  • 26th Sep, 2020
Cell phone with letter engineering career

Are you an Engineering career struggling hard to reach that peak point in your professional life? Are you in confusion about what to do and how to start?

Don’t worry, I’ve got some smart tips that might help you to uplift your professional life!

1. Set your goals

Being an Engineer, you should be able to know Where do want to be and What do you want in your life. Define some medium- and long-term goals for your career and stick with it.

Work on achieving your goals and track your progress on a daily basis. Setting goals will keep you motivated and help you to stay focused.

2. Join or build a team carefully

It is one of the crucial phases in your professional life. “You become who you surround yourself with”. Think carefully while forming a team or joining the one. Do good research before joining any team.

The team you are working with should be motivating rather than the one dragging you down. There’s always a one saying, “There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit”. Thrive for completing the challenges rather than seeking credit.

3. Commit yourself to your professional development

Make an unbreakable commitment to your professional life. Strive on completing the challenges. Be consistent with your profession and work on your mistakes.

Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is 2% inspiration and 98% perspiration”. Put your full dedication and work hard on your professional growth.

4. Work on your skills

Your skills will determine your professional career. Getting an Engineering degree is not enough to become a successful Engineer.

You should work on gaining different skills rather than just one and work to make it better. Focus on both your hard and soft skills. Hard skills include all your technical skills whereas soft skills include communication, teamwork, and presentation skills.

5. Go beyond your Job description

Go outside of the box, it will make a huge impact on your professional career. Contribute little to other departments too. Share what you know.

Engineers are suggested to be outspoken and accomplish more by presenting new approaches or solutions to the challenges. You might think that you will be doing only one role in your job but you can obviously help your teammates on doing their task if you have good knowledge of it. This will leave an impressive impact on them, enhancing your work life.

6. Find your mentor/role model

Mentors are the ones who will guide you to enhance your career. You can learn a lot from your mentor. It doesn’t need to be someone directly above you but someone you get inspired with, someone whose energy motivates you within your company or outside of your company.

Just don’t only concentrate on their great engineering works but also their journey to a successful career.

7. Learn teamwork skills

Learning to work on a team is the key to becoming successful within not only your Engineering career but any role across disciplines. Communication is the center of teamwork but you must be aware of how much to communicate, what to communicate, and in what format to communicate.

As Engineering is a multidisciplinary field, we must build a good and strong network with mutual respect, openness, honesty, and transparency.

8. Be optimistic

Think positive and work positively. Engineering is more about problem-solving. And it’s important to have an optimistic attitude towards the problems. So, it’s better if you have a backup option too.

You of course need to be realistic but being hopeful will keep you confident. And it is something that you should cultivate in your professional life.

9. Find your motivation

It is very important to keep yourself motivated for maintaining consistency in your work. Be motivated by more than your pay-check. Your pay-check obviously plays an important role but don’t make it your only motivation.

While the freshers may not feel greatly motivated in their initial professional phase, it is important to be passionate and hopeful about what you are doing and thrive for your professional growth.

10. Stay Flexible

Engineering is a very broad field and you never know what opportunities will future bring to you so it is necessary to have knowledge and skills in numerous fields. You should be enthusiastic enough to learn new skills.

In fact, you could be doing a job that doesn’t even exist today so be prepared for everything that comes in your way and stay keen to learn more. It is important for Engineers to stay flexible in their respective areas.