Racial Discrimination

Racial Discrimination In Your Workplace? Solve The Issue

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  • 23rd Mar, 2021
Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination: Something that people in every place are trying to abolish. It deeply rooted in people and society that it still prevails in many places. In the case of the workplace also it is not an exception. Directly or indirectly there is the problem of racial discrimination in many places. Even if companies might have created strict rules against it, it is something that somehow comes into play every time. The employers in the first place or the business owners should try to create a healthy environment without any discrimination based on race. If the employers emphasize it and create a good environment for everyone such problems are less likely to occur.

What is racial discrimination actually?

When there discrimination between people or when someone (an employee or applicant) treated unfavorably. He or she from a certain race or because of different personal characteristics associated with race such as hair texture, certain facial features, or skin color. Even if someone married or associated with someone from a certain race or color. There can be racial or color discrimination. Someone from a different race or skin color than you can do it to you. Even when you are from the same race or have the same skin color. Some people stand for the problems they face while some do not report them. When someone reports or addresses the problem the harassment or discrimination might increase just because they made the complaint. If such happens, it is called victimization.

In general, there are two types of racial discrimination and that is;

Direct racial discrimination

When an employee or applicant receives poor treatment because of his or her race or perceived race. It is direct racial discrimination. Sometimes, it can be a one-time occurrence but most of the time it can be consistent. At such times it is degrading or offensive to that employee. It is called racial harassment which one should complain about.

Indirect discrimination

At times we can see that certain racial groups advantaged. Some disadvantaged through the policies and procedures of a company. There might be provisions that require a particular educational qualification. Only available to people of that region or country. When there is such a kind of unconscious bias, it is called indirect discrimination.

How to avoid racial discrimination in the workplace?

So, the most common question that asked by employees and employers solves racial discrimination. No one would like to have an unhealthy environment to work for, whether it be for themselves or someone else. Let us discuss some ways through which we can avoid racial discrimination in the workplace.

Treat the employees from all races and nationality equally from the day of recruitment

Making your employee feel comfortable in your workplace is important. Even if he or she fits for the job and wants to work at your company. If there is a feeling of discrimination based on them being from a particular race. Their skin color, then they are less likely to work at your company. Not creating any extra qualifications or preferences based on them being from a particular region. Race can ensure or at least give some idea to the employee about the absence of racial discrimination at their workplace.

Find fit managers who are culturally aware and those who can respond to issues

An employee is initially having a conversation with the manager or HR. If some people are culturally aware in such higher posts the chances of racial discrimination at the workplace can be minimized. The first thing is they will know what kind of qualifications to keep for the job. Not giving any indirect advantage to some and disadvantage is something that such managers and HR’s have in mind. Besides that, the ones who are capable of handling a situation even when someone from the workplace being discriminated against.

Spread awareness and keep the conversation about racial discrimination

There might be people who might be doing racial discrimination knowingly or unknowingly. In such cases, you should talk to your employees about it and spread awareness about the problems it brings. When there a discussion about racial discrimination at the workplace the managers, or the employees. The company can be given persistent and positive pressure to enable honest dialogue. If you try to keep it suppressed, the problem will grow bigger internally. You would not even know about it. Therefore discussing the issue will help everyone to stay aware and to not do anything affecting people from another race.