Struggling With Managing Your Time? Here Are 5 Tips For Better Time Management

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  • 17th Mar, 2021

In the busy lifestyle that we all are living being able to manage our time is one of the most challenging things. It is also a simple thing when we think about it but most of the time people have a hard time managing their time and schedules to be able to do all the things that they want. Especially when there are so many factors that might potentially eat up our time, it is hard for us. Time management helps you plan, process, and control how much time to spend on certain things and activities so that you have track of everything and know what to do when to do and how much to do.

There is a sense of deadline when we are doing time management so it is easier to complete tasks or divide our tasks into different goals to reach at a certain time. Proper time management helps a person to complete tasks in a shorter time that helps them have more time to do anything else or plan for some time off. Time management has also proven to decrease our stress and leads to becoming successful in the career.

So, before finding how to manage your time better, let us know why is time management necessary and, how can it make our life better?

More time on hand
When you manage all your tasks to do on time, it is obvious that you will have more time to spare. If you do not follow proper time management you are likely to end up pushing your schedules for later which keeps you occupied for a longer time, which is eventually going to suck up your future time.

Less Stress
One reason why we have stress in life is because of not being able to manage time properly. Whether it be a student or an employee at an office, if you have not managed your time well, you are likely to have more stress. It is because you are worried about many things not finishing in time and sometimes when two events clash there is a dilemma. Therefore time management decreases your stress as well.

Realization of goals and opportunities
When we create schedules and deadlines for our everyday tasks we are keeping a goal to complete them in a certain time and it is easier to accomplish tasks in such a way. You can achieve your goals and do so in a short period which gives more time on your hand that automatically enables you to get more opportunities. Employers are also looking for people with good time management skills so they are likely to keep you for a long time and also promote you according to your progress.

After knowing about the reasons why we should have proper time management, here are a few tips that will help you manage your time better in your life.

Set a time limit to complete a task
When doing time management the first thing to do is make schedules and after making schedules and dividing time to do certain things, stick to the schedule and try to be as precise as possible. If you can complete some tasks early then you’ll have more time for the next one or have some time to enjoy later. Therefore always keep deadlines and time limits to do things.

Put your goals correctly
While making your schedule, initially analyze how much time it would take you to do it. Don’t just guess but set goals that are achievable and measurable. While you are making schedules and keeping shorter deadlines you might be giving yourself more pressure which might lead to stress again. Hence be careful about setting your goals.

Prioritize your goals wisely
While making goals and schedules sometimes you have to make priorities. There will be dozens of things to do, but among them also there are important and urgent things, important and not urgent, urgent but not important and not urgent and not important. Always try to finish the important and urgent tasks first so make your choice wisely on what to finish first.

Remove non-essential activities/tasks
There are things that do not deserve our time so we need to remove such activities or tasks. Removing such unnecessary tasks or minimizing them shall help us free more of our time and it can be invested to spend on genuinely important tasks.

Take a break
Better time management does not mean sticking to the schedule and staying busy all the time. Staying busy all the time for a long time will make you more tired and dull so in between two tasks or while doing a long task take a break. It is hard for anyone to stay focused and motivated for a long time so, roam around, maybe get a cup of coffee or listen to a song. However, we should remember not to get lost while taking a break.