Technology that just seemed Dream in Past

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  • 08th Oct, 2020

We live in a miraculous age, where sci-fi wonders are part of everyday life. Technology was just a generation or two ago when computers took up entire buildings and used only for doing math and launching missiles. Now, we take our phones out and get every piece of information with just a tap of a thumb.

Everything that would have seemed like sci-fi are now turning into reality and here’s a list of 7 amazing inventions that have really changed the world.

1. Self-driving cars

Doesn’t it sound amazing to have a self-driving car? Yes, no had thought of it. It just seemed like a fairy tale in the past. But today, Self-driving cars, like Google's prototype vehicle, which seemed like the stuff of science fiction, really got closer to the reality. Ford, in January, showed off its infrastructure for fully-automated driving. And BMW announced a research-and-development project related to this technology.

All you need to do is sit back and set your location may be. Scientists have already predicted the future with autonomous cars.

We can see the vehicles partially autonomous in the present world. And we can obviously expect the invention of fully autonomous vehicles soon. These cars supposed to have a broad set of sensors capable of viewing and sensing the environment and operate. This will be a significant milestone in the technological field as it may lead to fewer road accidents, quicker transit time, lower human fatigue as well as disabled people being able to travel on their own.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is actually changing everyone’s perception on how we used to view the world and it’s every aspect. It has already made huge impacts on the field of entertainment, business, healthcare and industries. It has been science fiction fodder for decades, but we’re only now beginning to see VR that’s actually effective at tricking your brain into thinking that your body is somewhere it’s not.

Today, many companies are trying their hands on VR technology and pushing it in an interesting direction. Just look at Microsoft's HoloLens, a pair of augmented reality smart glasses that display holograms over your view of the real world. Someday, virtual reality could be where we live for half our lives.

3. Drone Ecosystem

Drones are slowly taking over in various fields such as surveillance and mapping purposes. Companies like amazon and Jubiliant Food works have already started employing drones for delivery purposes.

A flying device replacing human efforts, nobody would have thought that it would ever be possible Right? There is no doubt on the development of the Drone Ecosystem in the near future since it has wide potential commercial applications such as:

  • Dispatching small packages over short distances.
  • Providing cost effective crop monitoring for improved yields
  • Real-time visual inspection and thermal readings in various risky installation and construction
  • Offering aerial view for rescue purposes in evaluating emergency situations.

4. Space tourism

Space tourism generally refers to the traveling of tourists in space for recreational purposes. It was only a part of a sci-fi movie a few years back but initiation technology has already been seen. SpaceX has already initiated the development of the space tourism model.

Scientist predicted space tourism to become a niche segment in the aviation industry, providing normal human beings to be an astronaut and experience space travel for entertainment, leisure or business purposes. We believe this advancement to be providing a wide range of job opportunities, new business avenues, various marketing and sales opportunities. But they expected the cost of space tourism to be very high.

5. Universal Translators

Traveling to places and not facing the problem of communicating sounds wonderful, Right? But it was just a part of some animated movies back in the past. Everyone talking to each other despite their languages, even animals, seemed like a dream some decades ago. But now, technological advancement has predicted to invent a system or a device or the machine that will understand and make you understand every language of the world. Even the language of the birds and the animals, yes you heard it right! We have only seen these in animated movies and cartoons but we believe this crazy invention to be developed soon while it has already started the process while there are many apps and translators that will help you understand every other language.

The day when two people from totally different environments speaking totally different languages communicating with each other probably in their own voices is not that far. This will definitely be one of the most successful technological advancements.

6. AI Robots

Machines working with their own intelligence with no human efforts definitely seemed like a dream in the past, but today AI robots are taking the place of humans in every field.  

They have developed inventions of many partially AI machines. They often believe that these AI machines will take over humans in almost every field, from technology, defense, business to medical fields. U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has budgeted millions of dollars to create such AI robots and avatars that will replace human soldiers in the future. Using fully autonomous robotic machines is widely spreading in medical technologies and scientific developments.

7. Clean Energy

Those sources of energy produce tiny amounts of a greenhouse gas called Clean Energy. The ways to produce energy from the sun, wind, waves, and water have found out already. Solar, wind, and water are examples of clean energy sources we have used. The challenge reducing greenhouse gas emissions when dirty energy sources used to make power and develop the clean energy industry. So it supplies more and more of the energy we use.