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Top 5 Mobile Apps That Are Useful In Everyday Life


We are in an era where technologies that could only dream of in the past are right at our fingertips. And, one of the most obvious ones is the smartphone. We don’t even need to go that far back into time when smartphones were only in the imagination. Just a decade and a half ago, tape recorders and cassettes were still a major thing. Now, you can get that and more in your smartphones; it is a complete solution to all your digital needs. Although you will need to compromise a bit on the ease of access, the hardware of our smartphones and the apps we have on our phones are increasing and getting advanced daily. As a result, smartphones have some pretty cool and useful mobile apps that are useful in our daily life.

Top five mobile apps for everyday life

From scanning our files to monitoring our health, free cloud storage, navigation, and many more, we can do many things with the mobile apps. Here we have come up with five mobile apps that will be useful in your everyday life.


Before Camscanner, scanning files and documents were hectic and needed a physical scanner, which required more time and increased our cost. However, ever since this app came, life has been so much easier as we can scan files and documents with the help of this simple app. It is the best scanning app, with as many as 100 million downloads on the Android App store and Google play store. It has a 4.7-star rating from 3 million users. Along with this, this useful android app also has an easy interface that allows us to scan and convert those files into images in jpg format or PDF format for convenience. It provides convenience and faster service, which was considered hectic and time-consuming.

You can scan your files using your phone and upload them somewhere, or even if you need a hard copy, you can share the file and print it easily.

Google Drive

google drive mobile app

Google Drive is an underestimated app that many people are still unaware of. be it Android devices or IOS, you can use Google drive, which enables you to store files on Google Drive. It gives you 15 GB of free space to store your photos, videos, apps, files, or anything; you name it. Even when the app is built-in, people do not use it or are unaware of its features. It has 5 billion downloads on the Google Play store and a 4.3-star rating from 7m users. Finding and sharing files is so much easier with Google drive, and if you start using Google Drive, it opens your doors to many other Google apps such as Google Photos, Google slides, Google sheets, and many more.

You will be amazed at what you were missing out on once you use it. Furthermore, if you are willing to pay a small sum of money, you can store even more files on this cloud storage. Although we generally have a large storage space in modern devices, the very fact that google drive gives you 15GB for free and lets you connect it to many of its applications makes it a very useful mobile/Ios/android app.

Google Maps

google maps

Google Maps is one of the most common, popular, and useful apps that help you find ways and maps about places worldwide. Wherever you are, you can know where you are, how to go, the distance, and everything in the area, and you can get guides to that place on foot, by train, or by driving.

It has 5 billion downloads on the Google Play store and has a 4.1-star rating from 12 million users. Google maps also allow users to download the offline map of the place they are going to or are willing to go to, which is excellent. You might not always have a stable internet connection, and offline maps allow you to navigate offline. It is the most advanced and trusted map globally.

As a side note, did you know that you can still use Google Maps without an internet connection? All you need to do is turn on the location and you can have a general overview of your area within a limited radius. Besides this, you can even download offline maps manually as well.

Step Counter- Pedometer Free and Calorie counter

With as many as ten million-plus downloads on the Google Play store, Step counter is one of the easiest to use and interactive apps to keep an eye on your health by monitoring the steps you take and calories you burn. It has a 4.8-star rating on the Google Play store from 500 thousand users, so one can trust it easily. Many smart-watch do the same thing. But they are expensive while this is a simple app that works with the help of sensors.

While counting the steps, it also keeps an eye on the distance and the number of calories we have burnt.

Since it creates an easy and interactive interface, it is fun to challenge yourself sometimes to do better. If we do not complete our challenge, we will know about it. It is a simple app that will help you improve your health.


mobile app for reddit

A successful app similar to Quora can be said to be an advanced and popular version because of its fun features, such as knowing the news, finding information about your interests, and answering questions. It includes it all and has a community of more knowledgeable people. Reddit has more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play store and a 4.5-star rating from 2 million users, so if you have not yet used it, you can imagine how good it is.

It is a fun and interactive place where you can follow topics of interest and get information about it from people worldwide. There are discussions, and you can get into one as well. People can give you awards and upvotes, which is motivating.

Along with this, you can also have a better perspective regarding how people view local events because unlike other forms of social media/online forums, the community standards in Reddit are nearly self-automated. As such, you can virtually find subreddits and communities of almost every interest.

If you haven’t yet used the app, it’s high time you have a look at it.

We hope you found this interesting and entertaining. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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