Top 5 Popular South Asia Games

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  • 17th Mar, 2021

South Asia Game: Sports and games are the physical activity which involves competition to maintain or improve physical and ability and skills while also being a source of enjoyment for the participants and viewers as well. Besides that sports have been the medium that unites people and brings them to a commonplace for a competitive and fun event. Looking closely at the South Asian region, there are a lot of games played in this region.

The countries that come under this region are mostly developing countries like Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Sri Lanka. The countries in this region have been organizing games and sports events since 1984 as South Asian games. Initially, the games were organized every year but later it changed to every two years and now it is organized every four years.

There are as many as 28 sports that have been competed in the South Asian Games history till the latest edition in 2019 that was held in Nepal. Among these 28 sports are popular games that are played in South Asia. There are games of Football, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Kabaddi, Karate, Table tennis, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Boxing, and Wushu.

So, let’s divide it into the top 5 popular games in South Asia


Football, which is also known as soccer is one of the popular games that is played in South Asia like most parts of the world. The game is said to have been played first in the Mid-19th century in England and ever since then, the game has been growing on and on reaching the hearts of people in every corner of the world. Although the countries in South Asia have a great interest in Football, any south Asian country has not been able to reach the big stage until now and claim the title. Still, the craze and popularity of Football are high around this region. The people are interested in international leagues and there are a lot of fans and people who love football.


Because of the influence of big events FIBA and NBA, the popularity of US-origin Basketball has grown in South Asia. The game was first played 129 years ago in Springfield Massachusetts. Now it has reached every place in the world. Although playing basketball is not as easy as football there are people in South Asia getting concerned about making good courts to play Basketball. Because you cannot just play basketball anywhere it is not as big as football but the craze has been growing on with time. With players such as Yao Ming from China playing the basketballs biggest stage in NBA. Many people have got attracted to the game and now the number of fans. People that play and watch basketball is increasing every day.


Badminton, although a simpler sport is another popular sport played in South Asia. Usually, South Asian countries are the ones who are doing good at it. It has been played ever since the 19th century in Eurasia and can be played in singles or doubles court. Badminton is just considered as a casual outdoor activity that is done in a yard or the beach but people in South Asia have taken it. It more serious and are doing good at it. The progress that the South Asian players have made from countries. China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India have inspired many youths and kept the popularity of the game.


Taekwondo is another sport that is very famous in South Asia. Although it originated in Korea in the early 1940’s it has made its way to neighboring countries. Like Nepal, Indonesia, India, and other countries in South Asia. It is a more physical sport that involves punching and kicking techniques. Since Asians are considered more resilient and tough, South Asian countries do well in the Taekwondo games. Similar to Taekwondo, other games like Karate and Wushu have also a similar influence in the South Asian region.


With as many as 5 countries in the top 10 countries in the International cricket council (ICC). We can get some idea about the craze of cricket in South Asia. Getting deep into the Test, ODI, and T20 ranking we can see many South Asian countries at the top. Like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Nepal. Although the game of cricket was first played in South-East England. In the 16th Century, the game has found its way in South Asia. Looking at the involvement and performance of the South Asian countries. We can see that countries from this region can do well in this sport. Besides the teams, there are also cricket enthusiasts, fans, and players in a large amount in South Asia.

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