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Elon Musk is not a normal person by any means. He is undoubtedly a genius who has managed to build an empire filled with technological advancements and institutions. At the same time, calling him eccentric would be an understatement. Have you looked at his Twitter account? Despite being a genius and one of the richest people on Earth, his Twitter account looks like that of a memester. He tweets random stuff and is well-known for posting memes and simply being random on Twitter. Now that he owns Twitter, his randomness begins by reportedly releasing his first directive. 

As per the Verge, Elon has told the Twitter dev team to create a new tier for Twitter blue check marks along with verified status and charge to be a verified user for $8 Per month.

What is Twitter Blue? Twitter blue is a monthly subscription that provides users with premium services. For this, you naturally need to be decently active as well. Now the news here is not that Twitter charges money to get a blue tick but rather that Elon has allegedly increased the price of the Blue Tick. If you didn’t know the cost for a monthly subscription to Twitter Blue check marks at the time of this writing is now confirmed to be $8.00 per month. 

Furthermore, should this happen, you will essentially need to buy Twitter verification as Musk reportedly plans to remove the blue tick from the now-verified accounts/ verified users. They will then need to pay to get verified on Twitter. 


What is Twitter Blue/ Twitter Blue Subscription? 

Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is simply a monthly subscription service of Twitter that offers the exclusive offer to premium services. In other words, it is essentially the upgraded version of Twitter that you can access by paying a small sum of $8. 

These additional features include:

Ad-Free Articles

Once you subscribe to this subscription, you will unlock the new section on Twitter that allows you to read articles from supported articles without any ads. That said, it still won’t let you bypass the paywalls.

Bookmarks folder

If you are an avid user of Twitter you should know that you do not save posts like on Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook – you bookmark them. The only issue here is that, unlike Facebook and Instagram, you cannot separate them into folders. But with Twitter Blue, you can. 

Customization options

Let’s be honest here, Twitter does not have any customization options. You cannot change the icon, you cannot change the theme, and you cannot change the navigation panel. Twitter blue adds these features for a small price of $8. 

Undo Tweet

What is the difference between undoing a tweet and deleting a tweet? Honestly, not much. The only difference between them is that once you post a tweet, you need to delete it and tweet it again if you find errors in them. But with undo tweet, you can simply undo it and edit it within a specific time duration. 

Better Video Uploads

This is a simple one. Free users can upload videos up to two minutes max and users of Twitter blue can upload a video up to 10 minutes video with 1080P. 

Better Reader and article finder

The top article finder feature of Twitter blue displays the top 25 articles from or shared by the account you follow and the reader enables the user to compile Twitter threads into an article-like form for easy reading. 

NFT Profile photos

Twitter Blue

There is nothing much to say about this feature from Twitter Blue. You can upload NFT format images as your profile photo. 

Does Twitter Charge for Blue Tick Verification?

Yes, it does. As of the recent update, you now need to buy Twitter verification/ blue tick verification. Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk stated in his recent tweet that you can buy Twitter verification/ blue check mark for $8 per month. 

As per his recent Tweet, Twitter’s current power system via the blue checkmark system is nonsense. He implemented that by charging an equal amount to everybody. 

Can there be any plans for the Twitter increased price?

The answer is – we don’t know. While we may be able to guess what goes in the mind of other billionaires like Mark and Besos, it’s a bit harder with Elon. He is one random person who has been in several controversies because of his acts and words. While some of these controversies were light-hearted and beneficial for him, others have had severe negative consequences. For instance not too long ago, he kept “perfume salesman” as his Twitter bio and at the same time, he once had to step down as Teslas Chairman for three years. So who knows what goes behind his head. But here are some speculations behind why musk might have done this.

Increased Revenue from Twitter Blue Subscription and Verified status

As far as we know, Musk has reportedly said that he expects subscriptions to make 50% of the app/ platforms revenue in the future. Now, this is a tall figure to meet because as of now, Twitter only has roughly 20 thousand users of Twitter verified accounts despite hundreds of thousands of verified accounts, which provide roughly $99,800 Per month. This is a far cry from the $1.2 billion monthly revenue that this platform has per month. So maybe, he has some thoughts regarding this. Furthermore, those who get Twitter blue are avid users that use this platform a lot. They may be avid users or celebrities for whom twitter will charge for blue verification tick. So maybe essentially $8 is worth it? So far, it does seem to be a bit expensive for the feature it has. 

However, according to the news from the verge, Musk reportedly set the deadline for all of this to be implemented By November 7 – Or else, everyone on this team will be fired. 

Manage Resources Properly

According to Musk, one of his stated goals after acquiring Twitter was to “Verify all Humans”. There was also a report that musk was planning to lay off 25% of the staff. He once in an interaction with a Twitter user where there seemed to be 10 people managing for every people coding. Increasing the price might just be his way of providing additional incentives to the people who remain after the layoff. 

Compete with TikTok


This one is just a possibility but Musk did just recently release a poll where he asked “Bring Back Vine?” For those who are unaware, vines were short-form video content before the era of TikTok and it is indeed owned by Twitter. Now although twitter owns vines, it will take a significant amount of effort and resources to bring back a now-dead service and make it good enough to compete with TikTok – the leading platform for short video content, hopefully without the dangerous challenges

Now judging from his eccentricity and how he is essentially a Twitter celebrity, he might just be able to bring back vines and he seems to be serious about it. If this is his intention, increasing the subscription price for the TikTok mark might just be his way of preparing Twitter to have enough resources to do the same without him. 

At the same time, all of this might just be for better revenue. However, considering that only a few people subscribe to get blue check marks, increasing the price doesn’t seem to be all beneficial from a layman’s perspective. 


In the end, it is only a possibility that the price for Twitter blue will increase up to $8 per month. While the Blue mark on Twitter is now a status symbol for Twitter users, since just about everybody can buy the blue tick symbol from now onwards, it essentially takes away this status symbol and makes it nothing more than just a symbol of accounts with additional features. 

What will be the future of Twitter? No one knows but we can guess that this platform will be a lot wilder from now on. 

We hope you found this interesting. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: Will Twitter charge for blue ticks?
A: If the planned change is applied, you will need to pay to get verified on Twitter and get blue ticks. 

Q: How much does Twitter verification cost?
A: You will need to pay $8 for Twitter verification. 

Q: Does Twitter charge a fee?
A: No twitter does not charge a fee for general users but it may cost a bit for commercial and governmental users – Musk Says.

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