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What does YouTube Premium Offer? | Types & Benefits 


YouTube is one of the best video streaming platforms out there. It would be fair to say that this video streaming platform is dominant in long of video content. Millions of people use this video streaming platform daily, which is popular among people of all ages. But did you know there is a premium version of this free streaming platform? You have probably heard about YouTube Premium – a paid subscription version of YouTube. But although just about every user of this free video streaming platform has heard of its premium version, very few know its benefits. So, what does YouTube Premium Offer? And is YouTube Premium worth it?

A lot! By purchasing the premium plans, you get tons of services and features that you do not get in the free version. But what are the benefits of YouTube Premium? 

What does YouTube Premium Offer? | Youtube Premium Benefits

Youtube premium benefits

There are many features you miss out on if you purchase the YouTube Premium Plan. Some of these features are extremely useful, while others expand your YouTube experience. For instance, did you know that there are YouTube videos that you can assess only by paying? Did you also know that you get additional functionality from this video streaming platform, such as play in the background and Picture-in-picture? 

You cannot get these features with the free version of YouTube. Sure, you can technically emulate these features through third-party apps from Google Play. However, these third-party apps are filled with glitches, do not always work, and are banned sooner or later. 

The question here is, “What does YouTube Premium offer?” What makes it special?,
What are the benefits of YouTube Premium? 

So below we have answered it all. 

1) Removal of All Ads

Ads are among those annoying aspects of YouTube that we all have to deal with. There are ads at the start of a video, near the end of the video, and even in the middle of the video. Users hate them, but it is one of the best ways for a YouTube content creator to monetize their YouTube channel. Now, although you can get rid of some ads on video streaming platforms through ad blockers, they do not work all the time, and by using them, you are cutting off the income of your favorite content creator. 

With YouTube Premium, you can remove all the ads and still support your favorite content creator simultaneously. You only need to pay a small amount per month and skip those annoying ads. This is undoubtedly one of the best things that YouTube premium offer. 

2) Download Videos to watch later

Although many can afford to be online 24/7, not all of us can. We may have work, school, projects, and social circles that require our undivided attention. At the same time, sometimes we simply like a video too much. For these people, the ability to download videos for later is a great service. The good news is that you can do this with YouTube Premium. Sure, you can do this with third-party apps and tools, but like with the ad blocker, it does not always work.

Furthermore, downloading YouTube videos from third-party tools and apps from Google Play and Google add-ons severely restricts video quality, is slower, and cannot always get immediate access to the downloaded videos. In other words, YouTube Premium lets you conveniently and the ability to download high-quality videos quickly. 

3) Background Play and Picture in Picture

Youtube premium benefits- picture in picture

Before you say anything, we know you can run YouTube in the background if you use it on Computer. But this is not the case for mobile users. Considering that around half of YouTube users are on mobile devices, not being able to play in the background is a huge inconvenience. 

Well, the good news is with YouTube Premium, you can use YouTube on Background while using another app on your smartphone and other mobile devices. Along with this, the background play also allows you to run YouTube while locking the phone screen. 

Another additional feature that you get with YouTube premium along with the ability to play in the background is Picture-in-picture. This feature allows you to watch YouTube videos in a small window outside the YouTube interface. The best part about this offer from YouTube is that it works regardless of whether you use this video streaming platform on a smartphone or computer. 

4) YouTube Music Premium

With YouTube Premium, you get access to YouTube music premium. Here, you can enjoy millions of songs on YouTube without ads and the ability to download them to save for later. Additionally, with YouTube Premium, you get an additional feature of Audio-only mode where you can turn off the video. 

So, by subscribing to YouTube premium, you get access to an online media player that lets you download audio. If you play music from YouTube, this is a must-have feature. 

5) YouTube Originals

YouTube Premium allows you to watch original content you cannot access through any other means. There are shows like Origin, Mind Field, and Wayne that you can only access by becoming a premium subscriber of these other free video streaming platforms. 

Now, this may not matter much for casual youtube users, but if you are bored of OTT platforms but still the best shows, this premium version might be the best option for you. Now keep in mind that you get these premium shows and all the other YouTube Premium Offers we have mentioned. 

6) First View of New Features

Youtube premium

By this point, it should not surprise anyone that YouTube is constantly trying out new features. Some of them are great, others not so much. Regardless of how these new features are, with YouTube premium, you get to try them out before they get released on the free version. This is a privilege that very few can experience. 

How to Subscribe to YouTube Premium?

The paid subscription process for YouTube premium is rather simple. You just need to enter the youtube premium page, enter your details, including your payment method, and click on Try free option. 

By doing this, you will start your one-month free subscription, and once you are done with this, you will start your payment depending on the premium subscribers plan of your choice. 

What is the type of YouTube Premium Plan?

Now, believe it or not, there are different plans for YouTube Premium. Depending on the plan you become a premium subscriber to, you get different features. These plans are:

1) Premium Individuals

  • Subscription price: $11.99 per month

What do you get with YouTube Premium Individuals? With YouTube premium Individuals, you get all the features mentioned above. That said, these features can be accessed by only one account. 

2) Premium Family

  • Subscription price: $17.99 per month

What do you get with the YouTube Premium family, then? Well, you get every benefit with the additional benefit of sharing them with five members in the same household. Needless to say, you will require additional documents to register all the members in this paid subscription plan. The viewing preferences will not be shared between members. 

3) Premium Student

Youtube premium benefits for students
  • Subscription price: $6.99 per month

Premium students are the cheapest paid subscription. What do you get with YouTube Premium students? Well, everything – but it comes with the cost of the additional process to verify that you are indeed a student and you can only access this premium plan for four years. There is also a restriction on the universities and locations you can purchase this subscription plan from. 

4) Premium Lite

  • Subscription price: $6.99 per month

YouTube Premium lite is still in its trial phase and is not officially launched as of yet. However, it is still one of the best subscription plans for YouTube. Naturally, with the reduced purchase plans, your benefits are limited to Ad free content. 

You can access YouTube premium lite only in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden at the time of this writing. 


The answer to “What are the benefits of YouTube Premium?” and “What does YouTube Premium Offers?” is essentially the same. That is, by subscribing to the paid version of this free video streaming platform, you get access to a seamless ad-free version with additional features like Picture in Picture, background play, downloading, and Originals content. 

As a side note, YouTube Premium is not YouTube TV. Although both of these are paid subscription services of YouTube, the premium is just an upgrade from the free online platform while YouTube TV is a television subscription service with series and movies. 

We hope you found this interesting. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: What are the Benefits of YouTube Premium? 

A: The benefit of YouTube Premium is that you get exclusive services such as ad-free content and premium shows. 

Q: What does YouTube Premium Offer?

A: YouTube premium offers you services such as:

  • Ad Free content
  • YouTube Originals
  • Background Play
  • Picture in Premium
  • YouTube Music Premium
  • Download Videos
  • First View to YouTube Premium

Q: Is YouTube Premium Worth it?

A: Yes, it is worth it if you are an avid user of this video-streaming platform. 

Q: Does YouTube Premium contribute to its content creators?

A: Yes, it does. The content creators will get paid roughly the same amount if you view their content with ads. 

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