What is ChatGPT? New Rise of AI Chatbot | Ability and Limitations


ChatGPT is taking the world by storm. This new AI technology that, let us remind you, is still in its infancy, has attracted billions of Dollars from tech investors. Why? Because this text-based AI Bot has shown tremendous potential. But what even is ChatGPT? Why is it trending? How is being considered a threat? What are its abilities and limitations? 

Here we will be answering all of these questions. And no, ChatGPI is not being considered a threat because this our question about “Will AI will end humanity?“. We talked about this topic a while ago. Self-promotions aside, let’s get started with the topic! 

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a type of natural language processing tool driven by Artificial Technology (AI Technology) that lets us have conversations with chatbots like you would have with a human. In ChatGPT, you ask questions to a chatbot, and it provides you with texts. These texts can be anything from simple essays to personalized emails. 


Why is ChatGPT Trending?

Naturally, for an AI power text technology to be in trend, the program needs to have features that separate them from the existing one. The key features of ChatGPT, which has led to its name being on top of trending pages, are:

  • Understanding and Responding to natural language
  • Use of Deep Learning for human-like text generation
  • Remember chat history
  • Detailed answers and arguments on historical topics
  • Reduction of harmful and deceptive human resources
  • Machine Learning from human feedback
  • Wide range of responses

You can easily guess why this AI-based Chatbot is trending from these features. It is an AI Text bot that can produce texts that sound surprisingly human-like. Although the response is not exactly how a human would react, they are not exactly the robotic responses we have come to expect from AI Bots. Just take a look at this small snippet of the conversation. 

ChatGPT Screenshot
ChatGPT Screenshot
ChatGPT Screenshot

Here one of our team members was tasked to converse with ChatGPI to see how well it performs. He, as expected, asked the bot about Skyrim and Mangas, and let’s say he was surprised by the answers. Furthermore, he found the language strangely human-like. 

Although it will still take a while before Artificial Technology  AI and Chatbots can perfectly replicate human speech, ChatGPI is getting close. 

The only issue with this human-like text is that many people, and even organizations, consider this open AI chatbot a threat. But is it really a threat?

Does ChatGPT pose a threat to any existing field?

Before we even answer this, let’s clarify what this Chatbot can threaten. 

CharGPT can “Threaten” three primary things: search engines, SEO, and the content writing market. But can it do it? From what we have seen so far, it can. However, the Chatbot is indeed advanced enough to provide us with general answers to our searched queries with quick solutions that are easy to read. This is exactly what SEO, Search Engines, and Content writing functions. The answer to any search query comes from a content writer that the SEO Expert then optimizes before being displayed by a Search engine. 

The only issue here is that ChatGPT needs extensive search results and the results have limited content. To make this clear, let’s make a query. 

Here the first image shows the search query that one of our team members made on the ChatGPT, and the next two images show the same search query on Google. 

Although the answer is essentially the same as the ones from the search engine, that’s all there is to the answer. We asked our Skyrim player employee to enter the same query on the ChatGPT bot, and as you can see, the answer is essentially the same. 

From the examples that we have shown you, this bot can threaten the other two fields. However, the bot still has limitations to its answer variety and length for now. It also lacks that “human” component to threaten these two fields truly. 

Along with this, ChatGPT is heavily reliant on data from the internet. With the recent Google update regarding the content and website needing to meet EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) standards for their success, ChatGPT is not a threat to SEO and content writing- For Now. 

We are still talking about the capabilities of the current version here. The chances and risks of ChatGPT replacing SEO and content writing are still quite significant. 

What are the Ability and Limitations of ChatGPT?

From what we have said so far, ChatGPI is a big innovation with the potential of essentially replacing Search Engines, Search Engine Optimization, and Content writing. We also discussed the features that make the New Rise of AI Chatbot a potential threat. But there have to be some limitations, right? 

Abilities of ChatGPT

Nothing is perfect in this world, and as revolutionary, as ChatGPT is, it too has some limitations. Let’s talk about the good side of ChatGPT before discussing its drawbacks or limitations. 

1) Answers

We have already seen ChatGPT’s capacity to answer a question. This Chatbot is extremely good at answering questions regardless of what the question is. 

2) Create content

Creating content is something that ChatGPI does fairly well. If you enter the right query, it can generate extensive content for you. 

3) Write Code and Debug

Yes, you can use ChatGPT to write and debug your codes. As long as your code is genuine, you can enter it into ChatGPT and get a report of the bugs and how to fix them. 

4) Explain 

ChatGPT can explain words, codes, and more. As long as the word of connection exists on the internet, this new AI-powered chatbot can explain it to you. 

Limitations of ChatGPT

Now that we have discussed the abilities of this trending AI-powered Chatbot let’s talk about its limitations – that exist for now. 

1) Inconsistent Answers 

Yes, ChatGPT does indeed provide quick answers, but it also has a limitation when it comes to providing us with answers. If you are not super specific with your question, ChatGPT will provide wrong or lackluster answers.

2) Limitations in Training Data

This is a simple limitation that all AI models and bots face. Since ChatGPT relies on data from the internet, the lack of data reduces its capability severely. 

3) Biased Answers

This drawback of ChatGPT is related to the limitations of data. The answers from ChatGPT will be biased towards the side with the most data available. 

4) Stability

Let’s say that ChatGPT had temporary downtime twice when this blog was being written. However, it took a long time, given that our team members were just asking random questions on ChatGPT- which was a  bummer. 

In the end,

ChatGPT is a trendsetter when it comes to AI chatbots and text generators. This Free (for now) Chatbot is recently on the trend for its human-like text capabilities and features that allow you to generate texts, get search results, and aid in programming. Because of these features, many speculate that this AI bot can be a threat to the Search Engine, SEO, and content writing field. 

Although it is not the case for now, with its immense power, the future remains to be seen. That said, this Open AI chatbot is not without its drawbacks. But for now, it certainly is a trendsetter.

We hope you found this informative. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: What can ChatGPT do?

A: Some of the things that ChatGPT can do are:

  • Answer Questions
  • Provide Short contents
  • Converse
  • Aid in Debug 
  • Be an AI Tutor

Q: What ChatGPT stands for?

A: ChatGPT stands for Chat General Pre-trained Transformer. 

Q: Who owns ChatGPT?

A: It is owned by OpenAI LP, with Microsoft as it’s one of its major investors. 

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