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What is YouTube VR – Get started with Virtual reality within YouTube! 

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Youtube is one of the, if not the most significant, video streaming platforms, and it is still growing with each passing day. This should be familiar to all since this video streaming platform covers the need of just about everybody. There are tons of videos on this platform ranging from information regarding science, news, politics, games, cartoons, and anime to just plain old prank videos. In addition to the range of videos, it now has YouTube Kids and YouTube Shorts, catered specifically to pre-adolescent youths and short-form video consumers. But did you know that YouTube also caters to those deeply into the realm of Virtual reality with YouTube VR

Although the audience in this section of YouTube is only around 3 million at the time of this writing, it still is a decent number for a relatively new feature. 

But – 

What is YouTube VR?

YouTube VR

The answer to the “What is YouTube VR?” question is rather simple and intuitive. It is a service of YouTube where users can watch YouTube users can watch 360-degree videos as long as they meet the required specifications and have the required device. In other words, YouTube VR is a version of YouTube where users can watch VR content with compatible devices. This is a service that is completely different from YouTube Premium and YouTube TV

Now we do admit that the application of complete VR is adequate at best at the current times/ at the time of this writing. But with the growth of technology, it is bound to be a part of our everyday life, and this venture from YouTube can be seen as planting a seed before things get chaotic. 

Now the question is –

What are the System and device requirements for using YouTube VR?

Virtual Reality is a relatively recent concept and therefore is not really meant to run on older devices. The specifications and devices required to run YouTube VR are generally on the lower end of the high spectrum. At the time of this writing, you can only use this service from YouTube on Windows PC/ Laptops and on Andriod Devices. So if you are using Apple products, then you are out of luck for the time being. 

Following are the requirements your device needs to meet to run YouTube VR.

Minimum requirements to run YouTube VR on windows PC/ Laptop

  • Storage Space: 4 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • CPU: Inten Core i5-6400 or equivalent
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 Fury or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB

The recommended requirement to run YouTube VR on Windows PC/ Laptop

  • Storage Space: 4 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • CPU: Inten Core i7-6700 or equivalent
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti
  • Memory: 8 GB

Supported VR Headset

  • Oculus
  • Daydream View
  • Google Cardboard

Requirements to run YouTube VR on Andriod Phones

  • Supported VR Headset: Daydream View, Google Cardboard
  • Countries/Regions Supported: Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States
  • Operating System: Andriod 7.1 and above 
  • Devices:: Any device that supports Daydream VR Headset

What are the Features of YouTube VR?

YouTube VR

So by now, we know what YouTube VR is and the specifications we need to run this application on our windows and android devices. From the name of this service itself, the primary perk of this platform from Youtube is Virtual reality experiences. But VR is only some of what YouTube VR provides.  

Some of the features of this new VR platform from youtube are:

1) Deeper Immersion

This is somewhat of an obvious feature of YouTube VR. the core aspect of VR is to immerse the user in a world separate from reality with a full 360 view of the virtual world and a specific level of control in the said world. Needless to say, YouTube VR can provide you with deep immersion.

2) Cross Platform compatibility

From the specifications and requirements we mentioned earlier, you can know that YouTube VR is not just a single platform service. As long as you meet the required specifications and have the required gear, you can run enjoy the immersion of this video streaming platform from multiple devices. The key point here is the specifications and required VT gear. 

3) Every YouTube Features

What is YouTube VR? It is just an extension of regular YouTube. As such, you can use every feature of regular YouTube in the VR version. This feature of the VR version presents the user with a perfect integration of the base YouTube experience with additional benefits of VR, including Voice Search. 

4) Multiple VR Modes

Depending on the content creation, you can experience the immersive world of YouTube VR in multiple modes. The two basic modes are Youtube 360 and YouTube 180, with the numbers referring to the visual range of Virtual Reality you can access. Although YouTube 180 may seem a bit of a downgrade, we should not discount the fact that most of us use YouTube while on a couch or somewhere relaxing, and our central visual angle is just about 50 to 60 degrees. As such, Youtube 180 is just as viable as Youtube 360. 

How to use YouTube VR?

To use this VR platform from YouTube, you will first need to sign in to Youtube along with the VR headgear. The method of signing in to this VR platform is the same as the regular sign-ins with an additional step. The steps to signing in to the VR headset will change depending on the brand and specifications of the device. 

With this said, the following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding YouTube VR.

How to browse Videos on YouTube VR?

The method of browsing videos is the same as regular browsing; you simply scroll down the page to browse across the videos. After you watch the video of your choice, if you want to go back to the home page, you can either click the APp button on your controller or click on the grid with your controller. 

How to Search Videos on youtube VR?

The method of searching for videos is essentially the same as that of regular YouTube usage. You can either click on the search button and then select a voice for voice search or select Keyboard to type out the videos you want to search. 

Player Controls

YouTube VR

When you are playing the video on the VR version of YouTube, you can either click on the App Button on the controller or click the touchpad to access the player controls. 

Curved screen

To activate or deactivate the curved screen for 180 and other forms of non-YouTube 360 videos, you simply have to click on settings and turn the curved screen mode on or off. 

Change Environment

To change the environment, click on settings, click on environment and select the desired environment; slide the finger up to zoom in and down to zoom out.

Is YouTube VR Free?

So with all of these features, one may think that YouTube VR is an expensive feature YouTube, but it is not. The service itself is completely free. But you will need to invest a bit to enjoy this device service. Let’s forget about enhancing your PC/ Laptop and a smart device to the required specifications, as many have smart devices, especially if you are into gaming and streaming. The additional cost for VR devices at the time of this writing are as follows: 

  • $136.71 for Oculus
  • $79 for Daydream View
  • $20 for Google Cardboard

Do note that the cheaper your gear, the less immersive the experience. 


So what is YouTube VR, and is it viable? It is just an add-on to the existing YouTube service, and the viability of this service seems positive. At least it is much more viable than the 3D and VR TV as YouTube is primarily used personally compared to family use of 3d TV. With the option of using base YouTube and the growth of Technology, the viability of YouTube VR is positive as a method to relax in a virtual world at the end of a tiring day – But the future remains to be seen.

We hope you found this interesting. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: What is the difference between YouTube and YouTube VR?

A: YouTube is the primary video streaming platform, while YouTube VR is simply a sub-platform or an extension of Youtube specifically meant for VR video and VR experience. 

Q: Can any YouTube video be VR?

A: Yes, but the degree of immersion will be lesser when compared to videos that are specifically made for VR.

Q: How much does YouTube VR cost?

A: It is practically free. You can enjoy the immersion without spending a single dime if you have the required gear. 

Q: Who is the most famous VR YouTubers?

A: Some of the famous names in this platform are:

  • VRScout
  • EddieVR
  • Joshua
  • Drums

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