Worried about what to wear during summer?

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  • 04th Mar, 2021

Choosing what to wear during summer can be a bit challenging than winter because during winter you can hop into something warm and cozy. Winter clothing is more about staying warm and cozy in style but in summer it can be quite tricky to choose something nice to wear and be comfortable at the same time. You can be experimental during winter but in summer you need to be careful about the place you are going to because of the hot weather. You can play with jackets, layers, and scarves during winter but you don’t have that luxury during summer.

It can be tough for anyone to choose a nice outfit because a light and thin outfit might not be good to wear from day one to day two. Since it’s hot and sweaty, the clothes get dirty very soon so you have to careful while choosing something that is light and does not get too dirty very soon. Wearing some light-colored clothes is the best during summer; like a white shirt, creamy white pants and white shoes to match the clothes. However, the person wearing it knows how hard it is to maintain that same cleanliness and comfort for a long time.

Summer & Outfits

While choosing any outfit make sure the cloth is made up of breathable materials such as cotton, linen, or jersey. Avoid wearing clothes made up of polyester, nylon, and silk because they may look nice but they are not breathable fabrics. Clothes made up of such materials make you sweat more and they will retain body odors to make your hot day even worse. It is best to stay with a single shirt or a tee during summer you can choose an outfit with some cool design.

However, you can have a windcheater or a thin outfit along with your shirt or tee. You have put on a shirt outside your tee as well by folding up your sleeves and keeping the buttons undone. The above trick can be followed by anyone of any gender who can follow that style. Being more specific to females wearing thin crop tops, and some floral design thin one-piece or a lengthy shirt can be an option too.

Dress for Males

shit and brown leather shoes in a table.
To work during summer

When going to work a guy can wear some light-colored half-shirt or fold up the full shirt. If allowed some decent polo-style shirts can look good too. In the lower body, there is not much choice than some light pants and oxford or business-style shoes.
-While going out to visit somewhere
As they say, jeans and a tee never go out of style. Some slim jeans or grunge/distressed ones would go really well with a light-colored shirt or a tee. Along with that one can wear light cloth shoes like converse or a loafer. If you are just going somewhere casually then you can even wear crocs. You can also put on some nice shades or a cap.
-While going to the beach
While going to the beach, shorts are a must and you can wear a colorful tee or a sleeveless vest. Some might even choose to go topless if the weather is too hot. Slippers would be best in case of footwear while going to the beach. Some nice shades would complement your overall look.

Dress for Females

A sun glass, phone, jewlery, jeans and vest.
To work during summer

Just like males wearing a nice shirt or a tee if allowed would be best during summer for females. Along with that, a decent lightweight blouse can also be a good option. Females have a choice to choose from pants or some nice skirt to go with a light shirt or blouse. In the case of footwear, they can choose from ballet flat close shoes to sandals or even heels. However, choosing high heels might not be a good option for everyday work so choosing kitten heels might be a better option.

On a casual day

Wearing some thin pants or distressed jeans along with a thin crop top, tee, or a light shirt might look good and be comfortable as well. You can opt for a light windcheater or a thin shirt over your tee or crop top as well if you do not want to get tanned too much. Wearing close shoes or slippers would be wise on a hot day.

While going to the beach

Females can choose bikini or crop top, thin tees while going to the beach. And just like males wearing shorts would be the best along with slippers, shades, or a hat too.

It might be a bit tricky during summer to choose a nice and comfortable outfit. One thing that you need to always remember is avoiding clothing made up of polyester, nylon, or silk. Besides that choose anything light, colorful, and then make sure that you are comfortable in the dress that you wear because your comfort is something that matters more than your style.

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