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Is YouTube Premium Worth the Price?| YouTube Premium Cost & Features


So before we get into anything, let’s get this thing out of the way – YouTube Premium is not the same as YouTube TV. YouTube TV is an OTT platform that grants you access to TV channels along with other services exclusive to this subscription service.

On the other hand, YouTube Premium is simply an addition to the YouTube streaming service that gives you added benefits. Since its establishment in 2014, a lot of its features have been upgraded and enhanced. Given the fact that the Premium version has roughly 50 million users worldwide, it is a decently popular subscription service. 

But, is YouTube Premium worth it? To determine this, let’s look at youtube premium price and its features. 

Let’s start with the price first. 

What is the cost of YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium cost is quite affordable. You will need to pay $11.99 per month for the basic plan. However, you can also subscribe for the yearly price of $119.99 with a savings of $23.89 per year. But if you choose the family plan, you can subscribe to Premium for $17.99 per month. 

If you purchase the family subscription, you can now share the account with six other members. However, all the members should be above thirteen years. 

Now, if you are a student, you can purchase YouTube Premium for $6.99. Although this subscription plan does have different price rates, you will need to provide verifications including your identity to the YouTube service providers. By doing this you secure your account and verify that you are of legal age to watch premium content on this video streaming platform. 

Is this the cheapest platform? Probably no. However, it is still an affordable subscription service. 

What is YouTube Premium Features?

As we mentioned earlier the premium version of YouTube is essentially just an upgrade from the free version of YouTube. So what upgrades do you get from these upgrades? Well as with many other upgrades from free to premium, the first benefit you get is the removal of ads. In addition to this, another obvious benefit is the availability of premium content. 

However, the upgrade is not just limited to ad-free and original content. So, let’s talk about these youtube premium features.

1) Ad-free content

This is not a surprise to anyone as the removal of ads is the first offer that any premium subscription offers. While ads may not be much of an issue on some platforms, they can be quite an annoyance on YouTube – especially with the unskippable ads. Now that YouTube can show you five ads back to back at the start of every video or playlist, subscribing to Premium might just be worth it. Adfree viewing is undoubtedly one of the best features of YouTube viewing. So, if you want ads free view then yes it is worth buying youtube premium.

2) Access to YouTube Original Content

This is another obvious benefit of subscribing to Premium. While you get thousands of hours of content on the free version of YouTube, you still do not have access to the full range. With YouTube Premium, you get access to additional YouTube Original content. If you want to Monetize YouTube or gain additional money, you can start your own premium content on YouTube as well.  

3) YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Premium

With YouTube Music premium you can, you can listen to music ad-free on YouTube. In other words, it is essentially a premium version of Spotify within youtube with a few restrictions. You get an additional music app with a ton of songs you can listen to. 

4) Download the Video for Offline viewing

With YouTube Premium, you can download video content for offline viewing. Although with the availability of constant internet nowadays, downloading might not be necessary, it is still a good option. However, just the fact that you can access the contents you like later on, regardless of if you have internet connectivity or not.  

5) Background Play

Although the free version of YouTube is extremely good on its own, you cannot let it run in the background of your smartphone. Sure, some smartphones do offer a multi-window feature, but it is not exactly a background play. But with YouTube premium, you can let YouTube run in the background and let the music or video play while you use another app. 

6) Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture (PIP) is a feature of YouTube Premium that lets you watch the content of YouTube while using another app. When using this feature, you get a miniature version of the YouTube Video player over other applications. Although this feature may sound a bit redundant, it is extremely useful for those who want to get the full experience of other applications while viewing the content. If you get the gist, it is one of the best features for those who need to do mundane tasks for a long period. 

Given that smartphones user counts for more than half the overall internet users, including YouTube, this is a great feature. The fact that you can let YouTube run in the background even if you lock your phones. 

These are essential all the advantages of Premium – For Now. Given the fact that this platform is constantly updating and new features are constantly being added, you can be sure that more features will be added to the features. And yes, you can enjoy these features regardless of if you are using them via a smartphone app or computer. 


Is YouTube Premium Worth the Price?

YouTube Premium

So, back to the main question again – is YouTube Premium worth the price? The answer to this will depend on how much you use YouTube and value it. If you use YouTube regularly and consume its content avidly, then yes, the cost of YouTube Premium is worth more than its cost. You don’t get annoying ads and get premium content. On top of this, you can consume the content even if you have no internet connection and play it in the background. 

At the same time, if you are not really into this video streaming platform, then you won’t care about the features of the premium version of this platform. 

How to sign up for YouTube Premium?

The process of signing up for YouTube Premium is extremely simple. All you need to do is: 

  • Enter YouTube Premium Page
  • Enter your Credentials
  • Click on Try Free
  • Start the Free month trial period 

Once this free trial period is over, your official subscription will begin. Now one thing you need to note is that you will need to pick your subscription plans before you start the plan. 

In the end, 

YouTube is a free video streaming platform where you can watch tons of free YouTube videos. Now, although YouTube is great, it can always be better and YouTube Premium is just that; an upgrade from free Youtube. That said, although the premium is an upgrade, its worth will depend on you. You will find that paying a few dollars per month is completely worth the value if you are an avid user of this platform. At the same time, you will not see the value in paying the money at all if you rarely use this video streaming service.

We hope you found this interesting. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: Is it worth buying YouTube Premium?

A: Buying Youtube premium is worth it if you are an avid user of this platform as the premium version provides you with additional features that an avid user will benefit from. 

Q: Does YouTube Premium do anything?

A: Yes, it actually has a lot of features and one of the most popular ones is the removal of ads, background play, and picture-in-picture. 

Q: What is the difference between YouTube TV and YouTube Premium?

A: The primary difference between YouTube TV and YouTube Premium is that the TV version is primarily for watching Television channels and live broadcasts while the Premium version is for upgrading your existing YouTube experience.

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