Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Topinfosmania!

The terms and conditions mentioned here summarize the rules and regulations for using Topinfosmanic produced by Softbenz Infosys!

We assume that everybody who uses the website https://www.topinfosmania.com accepts and agrees to these terms and conditions. Please do read all the mentioned Terms and conditions carefully. If you disagree with the terms and conditions here, do not use this website. Should you disagree with our terms and conditions, and still choose to use our website, we will not be held liable for any of your complaints. 

In the following terms and conditions, Topinfosmaina uses “We” “Our” “us” and other similar terms to represent this website. Furthermore, Topinfosmania uses “this website” “website” and other related words to represent the website of “https://www.topinfosmania.com”.  Along with this, Topinfosmania uses “Topinfosmania” “you” and “your” and other related terms to represent the user, and visitors. 


Topinfosmania employs the use of cookies. By using this website you automatically agree to use cookies in agreement with our privacy policy. 

We use cookies to retrieve the details of your visit to our website. This includes tracking your activity on our website including your clicks and the time spent on each section of our website. We do this to acknowledge your interests and preferences to provide better content and services for you. Along with this some of our affiliate/advertising partners are also privy to the use of our cookies. 


Every element on this website, Topinfosmania, are under the ownership of Softbenz Infosys. We reserve every intellectual property right. Although you may have access to the content and property from Topinfosmania, you are subjected to restrictions set here, unless stated otherwise. 

As such you are not allowed to:

  • Republish our contents and materials under a different name
  • Sell, rent, or sub-license material from Topinfosmania
  • Redistribute content from Topinfosmania without permission

Topinfosmania does not filter, edit, publish or review comments before they are published on our website. As such they do not represent the views and opinions of personnel related to Topinfosmania, our affiliates, or our agents in any shape or form. At the same time, topinfosmania is not liable for the damages or expenses caused and/or suffered through such comments. However, we do implement a decent amount of protection measures as such, if you encounter such comments, please do report them to us. Our administrators will take necessary actions under these circumstances. 

As such, Topinfosmania reserves all the rights to remove any comments that our administrators deem inappropriate, offensive, and/or cause a breach of terms and conditions. 

Whenever you comment you ensure that:

  • You are entitled to post the Comments 
  • Your comments do not violate any intellectual rights including but not limited to copyright and trademark.
  • Your Comments do not have any defamatory, derogatory and offensive terms that can be considered a breach of our privacy policy
  • Your comments will solicit or promote business, custom, or promote other unlawful activities

Hyperlinking to our Content

You are not allowed to insert a hyperlink to our website without our permission. There is however an exception to this rule. You can hyperlink our content if you are:

  • Government agencies
  • Search engines
  • News organizations
  • Online directory distributors 

If you are not among these groups, you can request us to hyperlink on our website, if you are among the following:

  • popular consumer 
  • business information sources
  • dot.com community sites
  • groups representing charities
  • online directory distributors
  • internet portals
  • accounting, law, and consulting firms
  • educational institutions and trade associations.

Content Liability

Topinfosmania will not be responsible for the accuracy and viability of information on any content on our website. Pieces of information are prone to changes and data are prone to updates such, that you agree to protect and defend us against all the claims rising on our websites. Topinfosys is not liable for any links that can be interpreted as libelous, obscene or promote any criminal activities including but not limited to violation of infringement rights. 

Your Privacy

Please read Privacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

Topinfosmania has the complete right to request the removal of any links to our website. As such, the request should be granted immediately. Should this not happen, we have the complete right to terminate the block of the said link. Along with this, we also have the complete right to change the terms and conditions as per our needs. By linking to our website, you automatically agree to follow these said rules. 


As permitted by the law, Topinfosmania excludes all the representations, warranties, and conditions related to our website and the use of our websites. We do not:

  • Limit our liability in the case of death or personal injury
  • limit or exclude liabilities for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation
  • limit any of the liabilities in any way that is illegal

In short, we will not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature as long as our website and services on the website are provided free of charge.