The Most Pointless List Ever: Useless Websites List

What is the most pointless thing that you have ever done? Regardless of what you say, it will be more worthwhile than spending hours compiling a list of useless websites – unless you are responsible for creating them. If you are one of the creators of these pointless websites, we only have one question: Why?

Some websites serve a function, and then there are some that serve none. But even the most pointless websites have a point; in this case, it is to waste time and procrastinate at work or school.

The Useless Websites List

So are you ready to waste a chunk of your time exploring the corners of the internet that serve no purpose other than to waste your time? Was that a yes?

Then buckle up, hide your screen if you are at work or school, and get strapped into this journey of a website that has no function but to waste your time. But if you really want to waste your time, you might as well use some of the best OTT platfrom and get something valuable – rather than the pointless sites from this list. But these things are not really viable at work – so there might be a point to this list after all! 

Anyways, without any further ado, let’s get started!

1) Open a Window Somewhere in the world

Have you ever thought of being the snoopy neighbor constantly watching you through their window? Well, now you can. With, you can get the front-row view of the local neighbor from a random window across the world. This is the entire point of this entry on this useless website list.

2) Reach the end to find a Koala

This one is for those who love Koalas and have a lot of free time. Divide the circles and get the image of the cute koala in the end. But be warned that this can take a long time.

3) When Cats and Songs Combine

The Most Pointless List Ever: Useless Websites List

With the literal domain of, which sounds a lot like an invention of Dr. Doofinsmertz, this website takes shows you random videos of cats with music. So yea, just another pointless site on this pointless websites list. It’s great if you love cats, though!

4) What would your sarcastic aunt say about your password?

Nothing is more annoying than hearing a sarcastic remark about a hard-thought password. But if you want to know what your sarcastic aunt would think about your password, then this is the website for you. Passive Aggressive Password, or PaP for short, will provide you with the opinions of that aunt, free of cost, for your every password.

5) Which Side will win?

Truthfully, it will be too boring to find out. The point of this pointless website is watching as two sides of pixel battle it out. If you want to watch the end – well, get ready to buckle up, as the battle can go on for a while. 

6) Heeeeeey and Hooooooo

One of the most annoying things you can ever experience on the internet is when you are redirected to another website quickly. These pairs of websites are the very definition of this. As soon as you open one website, you will be redirected to another one. This would be extremely annoying – if it weren’t so entertaining.

7) Just Random Colors

This website’s only point and possible use is to get random colors. There is nothing that this website does other than switch to a random color every time you refresh it.

8) Just a Fact!

The Most Pointless List Ever: Useless Websites List

The large hadron collider is a massive scientific one that can speed up particles to near light speed and collide them. Yes, this can potentially end the world, and so has it. Just visit this website and find out. This might be the laziest and one of the top useless websites.

9) Throw the Trash

Nothing more to this website other than throwing the trash. It is as pointless as a website can get. You have a low-effort flash game-like room with a trash can and trash. You throw it; it throws the trash back. Want to waste time? There has to be a better way than this, right?

10) Tunnelsnakes Rule

If you love Fall-out Games, this one would be a delight/ or annoyance to you. It depends on whether you love this faction/ gang or not. The only point of this website is to show you 2 min video of the tunnel snakes from Vault 101.

11) Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a virtue, and this is a somewhat useful website, unlike the rest on this list. It still is a completely pointless site, though. This website shows you a loading screen – that never loads anything. If you have a job where you encounter a lot of loading screens, you can pop this one in and slack off. That is the only use of this one on this list of pointless websites.

12) Spin the Chihuahua

The Most Pointless List Ever: Useless Websites List

Do you love dogs doing dumb things like rolling from a bubble wrap? With this website, you can watch a derpy doggo rolling for hours. It’s a gif of a chihuahua spinning in a bubble warp with a counter and nothing more. Pretty useless, indeed.

13) Grab an eel and slap

The heading says it all. This pointless website in this pointless website list is just that: you move your mouse and slap the unfortunate soul on the image with a slimy eel. Is it funny? Definitely, yes- is it pointless, though? Definitely one of the top useless websites on this list.

14) So many bouncing cats

After the treat for dog lovers, we have one for cat lovers. This website has a bunch of cats bouncing on the bottom of the screen.

Side note: If you really love cats, then you can visit I can has Cheezburger. This is a fully functional website that is all about cute cate news!

15) Just Badgers

The Most Pointless List Ever: Useless Websites List

What if you are not a cat or a dog person – what if you love badgers? There is a website just for you. This Watch is a surprisingly entertaining animated video of cute badgers dancing to an entertaining song.

Side note: The song may not play all the time so you may need to reload it a few times. 

16) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We don’t know why you would ever go to this website – even the website shrugs at you if you complete the task it gives you, wondering why you wasted 2 minutes there. But if you know your shriggue, try building it without any reference on this pointless website.

17) 2 minutes of doing nothing

Time is relative, especially if you are forced to do nothing while watching the seconds tick by. This is the point of this entirely pointless website. You move a mouse-you lose. If you type anything – you lose. If you win, you go to an amazon page!

18) Doge is back!

Do you want a never-ending long doge? Then this is the website you have been looking for! This website has a long doge that never ends. Scroll down to collect wow and big wows! And that’s about all this website does. Is there a point? Nope- just another useless website in the world wide web!

19) Rock Paper Scissors

Nothing much but a game of rock, papers, and scissors. This is a pretty simple website and is among the few “not completely useless and pointless” ones on this list of top useless websites. You can play a game of rock-papers-scissors, after all.

20) Amazon Dating

The Most Pointless List Ever: Useless Websites List

Are you so lonely that you wish you could purchase a love interest from amazon? Welcome to amazon dating – the most pointless version of amazon. Here you can select from a wide range of hot singles and then Purchase them! Not really. This website is the parody version of the amazon site that doesn’t do anything. It is great for wasting time, though.

So the point is?

There is no point here. This is the list of pointless websites, after all. How can you expect to find a point in the useless web website list? The ones on this list are simply the websites our team members carefully curated after wasting hours of their work time.

If you ever have a question – what are some of the websites to entertain me but have no function? Then you now know where to go! 

But If you’re curious about how much it costs to develop a website, you can check out the website design and development price to get a rough estimate of how much it would take if you want to build a website.

We sincerely hope that you found this entertaining and pointless. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.


Q: What are the most useless websites?

A: Some of the most useless websites are:

Q: How many websites are on The Useless Web?

A: There are over 1000 websites on the useless web.

Q: What can I google when I’m bored?

A: There are tons of stuff that you can google when you are bored; some of the best ones are:

  • Know your meme
  • Geo Guesser
  • Would you rather
  • Bouncy Cat
  • I can has Cheezburger

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