Remote working technology: Curse or boon?

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  • 04th Mar, 2021

Remote working technology has been around for a while now to make work easy and more widespread but after the huge blow from Covid-19; Novel coronavirus everyone has known the essence of remote working technology and how much it matters. Since everyone was locked in their houses everyone had to work remotely because they could not go out. And at such time it was remote working technology that brought some hope for businesses to keep continuing their business. If it was not for remote working technology and the internet many businesses would have gone bankrupt or might have been shut down but thankfully many were sustaining their business by working remotely.
Remote access with the help of remote technology allows users to access a device or a network from an offsite location which opens doors to access systems where they are not physically capable to connect directly. One can access, control and manage files and data stored in a remote device from wherever they are.
Some physical works can’t be done remotely but businesses and people have found out ways for many things that were not usually done remotely. Computer and IT services or education and training were done remotely to some extent completely or partially in some places but now education institutions are capable of doing it completely remotely. One huge advancement of remote working technology is remote health and medical services. It has changed the way how people looked at medical institutions. One does not have to spend time to travel away, have the fear of getting exposed to any new disease by going to the hospital. They can simply sit in their place contact health personnel and have a conversation with them such that the doctor can diagnose if that person is having a serious problem that he or she needs to come to the hospital or not.

Since remote working technology has brought many reformations in business and the lives of normal people let us discuss why moving to remote working technology can be beneficial.

You will be saving money and time
With remote working technology, you do not require a large office space or other components to be used by your employees. The employees themselves will be saving time on travelling.

Increased productivity and better focus among workers
In research done it was found that about 79% of remote workers were found to be more productive and have better focus. There is a misconception that remote workers are more lazy and pyjama-clad employees who slack off instead of getting their work done. However, data show them to be more efficient because remote working enables them to be productive no matter where they are.

Less employee turnover
Compared to employees who come to work at the workplace, remote workers have less turnover. An employee is free to do work in a favourable environment of their preference so there are not much factors that might make him or her leave. Employee loyalty and retention is improved among remote workers.

Companies can find more options to choose from and so will job seekers
When work can be done remotely then companies have a wide range of options to choose from because there are not any restrictions on who can apply for the job. Similarly, job seekers can be in any place in the world and comfortably work from their favourable place.
Despite all these advantages, there are also some restrictions and disadvantages to working remotely.

More distraction
When you are working in an office you have a suitable environment and favourable condition but if you are working remotely there can be many distractions. There is not any certainty that the place from where you are working will have a favourable situation throughout.

Isolation and limitations to interaction
When a person is working remotely than he or she is less likely to have good communication with the people working in the company. One might feel isolated because of a lack of human interaction therefore before hiring someone and after hiring it is necessary for the employee and the employer to have good communication to minimize the problem of isolation and less interaction.
To everything, there are positive and negative aspects but one can always manage between them or compare to find if the pros overweigh the cons or cons are higher than the pros. In the case of remote working also the same thing applies. Looking at it from a business perspective it is a boon for a company because any physical disturbance cannot affect it. Looking at it from the perspective of workers also they are getting the freedom of working from any place they want. It’s a win-win situation for both parties therefore companies and employees should try to solve some of the problems that might affect their work.